Because bad taste is better than no taste at all.....

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I hate having my picture taken.
I'm guessing you came across this page, or bumped into me at some point, and a thought came to mind, mainly "Who is this idiot?"

If you really want to know, read on.

'Round here, I go by Scratch the Hostile Fay. Or just Scratch for short. If you've ever heard the expression "don't piss off the fairies", you'll get the gist of most of my posts.

I like to think of myself as a forest spirit, mostly raccoon. Yeah, I know, I'm getting the mythologies mixed, but why not? YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT??

But I digress. I do that a lot.

I currently reside in the Technicolor Trailer, out in the woods. Our ZIP code is E I E I O. My hobbies include planting stuff, reading, eating boiled peanuts, and just being annoying. I also like to sleep a lot, mainly in the winter when it's cold (the 'raccoon' thing again).

I'm currently 'spoken for' (sorry, fellas!). We'll call him Dent here, although in certain circles, you may know of him as Shieldbrakkar. Mainly because he used to dress in armor and beat the snot out of similarily dressed folks.

Yeah, can you tell I like raccoons? I joke that I'm a stuffed raccoon rescuer (some of these folks came from goodwill, or were marketed as dog toys at the big box store).

My current job involves being a subject of the Burger Kingdom, and you can find me there most nights, mopping the floor and making snide remarks. I blame the uniform.

At any rate, on the off chance you ACTUALLY want to talk to me, I can be found online several ways.

--Here on Blogger (DUH!)
--Email (although it may be a few days before you get a reply)


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