Because bad taste is better than no taste at all.....

Who is this fool?

me, with my ubiquitous earbuds. 
I did some searching the other day, and there's quite a bit of stuff floating about the 'net about me. More on that in a moment. For those of you who're short of attention span (like me), I'll sum it up a bit for you.
 I am:
*Female (hopefully you figured that out)
*Technically single (although I still have Dent as a roomie)
*A lover of raccoons (I joke I'm half one)
*A lover of plants (the other "half" is Dryad!)
*One who takes a lot of photos
*Shy and quiet most of the time
*More into having my nose shoved in a book than watching TV.

If you'd like to know more about me (Why I can't fathom, but there's no accounting for taste!) you can check out the stuff below.

--Email (although it may be a few days before you get a reply)
--Deviantart (Where I attempt to post photographs)
And a couple of other blogs on Blogger:

--Lichenskinned, where I attempt a "new agey" kind of blog....closed minds need not apply
--NCSI, North Carolina Scoundrels, Inc--stories about my imaginary pirate ship, piloted by stuffed animals

I'll add more as I find it :)

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