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Thursday, October 11, 2018

#22: Happy Trails to Me

Monday dawned muggy and cool, with the mist rolling in over the mountains.

After a brief discussion on safety and where we were going, we hit the trail.

This trip was a special one for me, as my friend Daniel had popped in from SD on a whim and was able to come with us this time to see what it was that we do.

I was handed my usual pair of long handled loppers, and Daniel was given a pair as well, and we trooped along, up hill, down hill, around branches and rocks. We cut back an assortment of briars and rhododendrons and mountain laurel that was starting to overtake the trail. I didn't take a whole lot of photos this time.

 There were a few interesting plants going still this time of year. There were many tiny purple asters along the trail (We had to cut back a few overgrowing the trail). Here and there where bottle gentians, so named because they look like little closed bottles.

Our "ringleader" Doug (left) explains to Daniel (right) the finer
 points of water diversion digging. Meanwhile, Arlene in the back
wonders what the heck she has got herself into. 

We had a good run and a nice afternoon lunch out on a rock outcropping with the folks.

And of course, there were brownies.

By the time we were ready to head off, the fog and mist had started to burn off and the clouds were trying to lift.

This was awesome as it left a nice view to grab a few photos of before we went home.

our view at lunch.

Work has been.... Work. Some days go really well. Others I feel like a complete dumbass. I guess I am still on a learning curve. I am getting more hours than I thought. This is a good thing I guess.

A coral fungus that looks like braaaiiiiins.
In other news, Google+ is apparently shutting down. Someone had their head stuck up their butgts. I didn't use it much. But it was the only way I had to keep up with some people on here. Oh, well. You all have my email address or my phone number (A few of you have both ;) ) We will see how that goes.

next stop: (hopefully) the renaissance faire.

Stay tuned!


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

21: Shortoff Mountain Trail

Shortoff Mountain is so named because it kinda just "cuts off" all of a sudden. We headed there this past Monday to do some work.

The day started off cool and cloudy, with low fog that got closer the higher we went.

We had waited until the weather started getting cooler to do this as there is little to no shade up top (due to a fire couple of years ago). There were plenty of other things to take photos of, though.

There were the usual assortment of skeletal trees poking up through the fog. Kinda like hands reaching for the clouds.

You can't tell it here, but we were really quite high up.

Believe it or not, there are mountains back there, somewhere....

After a while the fog began to lift, and we could see Lake James off in the distance. 

And then of course, there were the interesting plants and animals that are usually out and about this time of year. I spotted a few monarch butterflies chasing each other through the flowers, but they didn't stop to pose for me.

Up top, there was a whole field of goldenrod. everything looked quite yellow! Besides the monarchs, there were all sorts of other butterflies and bugs visiting. 

This stuff is apparently a fungus, Pulcherricium caeruleum  AKA Cobalt Crust. I thought it was quite unusual.

I saw quite a bit of this stuff as I cut back brush away from the trail.

On the way out, we spotted this little guy on the trail. He wasn't too happy to see us, and I don't know that he appreciated being moved off the trail. But I told him he had a pretty shell.

I also spotted a tiny baby blacksnake, but he wriggled away before I could get a photo.

All in all, a tiring but rewarding day.

Stay tuned!
Aye, Kraneia

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

#20: South Mountain again

Took a little walk in the park today, to see what Florence had done to the local flora. Not a lot, as it turned out. There were a couple places where trees had had to be removed after falling across the path. But the damage was minimal.

The breezes were nice, and there were only a few people out and about.

I liked the afternoon sun on the water here.

The asters were starting to pop up, sure sign autumn is on its way. 

The water was very high from all the rain, turning this normally rushing waterfall into a gushing torrent of water. The spray went everywhere and was quite refreshing. The noise was a bit louder than usual.

Also making their appearance were a few mushrooms. This one was hiding under a bush and had spots.

There were also quite a few butterflies hunting in the gravel for moisture and minerals. I imagine these two were carrying on a conversation....

Found this fellow playing hide and seek in the wild sunflowers.

All in all, I think the park stood up fairly well, only being closed a couple of days.


Monday, September 17, 2018

#19: Go with the flo

Just a quick checking-in. We have managed to dodge the bullet here in Badhairland. Lots of rain and some wind, but the creek stayed put, and nothing big came down across the road. We even kept the tarp on the shade house. 

The photos coming in have been just devastating. My old stomping grounds at the coast are now under water. I am heartbroken for the folks still there, but thankful I am no longer among them.

Hope this post finds you all safe and sound, if a bit wet and windblown.

Stay tuned...and stay safe.


Thursday, September 13, 2018

#18: Florence

As evening falls here in badhairland, I reflect on a few things.

First, at how glad I am to no longer live along the coast. I don't miss it one whit.
Secondly, how ironic that I am listening to this as I type.

Also, how odd it is that I could just walk into a store and get a job without having to fight for it. I am a little suspicious of this. Stay tuned on this one.

Finally, hoping you folks out there stay safe in the storm--don't float away. We have work to do, you and I. Dreams to dream and times to share. 

Stay safe, my friends.