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Saturday, May 16, 2015

#310: for the last friggin' time

It happened again, this time at the flea market this morning. We're deep in conversation with someone at a booth, about maybe finding a home for the folding camp-chairs taking up space in my closet. The chair he was using (an ordinary lawn chair) got messed up by the wife, and he needs something he can take with him to fairs, or races, or whatever the hell he does in his spare time. 

"............So what is your name?" asks the man behind the counter.

Dent gives the man his name, his real one. 

"............and your lovely wife, what's her name?" 

I cringe.  

"We're not married," I tell the man. Then I give him my name, which brings him much amusement as someone he works with has the very same name. "Quite a lovely lady..." he tells me. 

Obviously, he's played this game before, as he jokingly pulls out a necklace charm and says, "Yes, I found your name right here!" (The charm is a gold one that reads 'The Boss'. ) But he completely missed that we BOTH told him I don't wear jewelry (not normally, and nothing like that anyhow), and again referred to me as "your lovely wife" as we left.  

I guess I need a tee shirt for public outings. One that reads, "No, we're not married." 

In other news, we managed to find one of the lost citizens of Lobsteronia. I'll post an image of him once I can get him to quit scurrying around the house...... 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

#309: annoyances

So here we are again, you and I. 

We have apparently gone from winter to summer here in Badhairland. I had to break down and buy pre-grown tomato plants, and out of the six I brought home, two of those have already died. It's frustrating when you do the same things that have always worked, and suddenly, they don't. I had this problem with previous employers; something would break, and the question asked would not be "what happened?" but, rather, "what did you do?" Motherfucker, I did what you told me to do, the same thing I've been doing for the past three months, look elsewhere for your scapegoat. No, I'm not perfect. But give me the benefit of the doubt, asshat. 

Sorry. I'm currently listening to Drowning Pool ("Let the bodies hit the floor...let the bodies hit the floor...."). I really ought not to listen to this kinda stuff before I go to work, it kinda sets the tone for the whole day and then my mouth gets me in trouble. Don't you hate that? 

I think this little 'toon I doodled this morning pretty much speaks for itself. Not that I'm some sort of Picasso or anything, but you get the idea.  

In other news, Dent is a wannabe movie star. There are some folks who make fan-films of various shows (these particular ones seem to have a thing for Dr. Who). Well, they needed extras a couple of weeks ago... so Dent went.  I'll post a link to the thing when I get it. 

It's also annoying when you want to sell some things, and you don't want to bother with Ebay but apparently the local people who COULD help are, apparently, idiots. If all you're using as a price guide IS Ebay, you're (hate to say it) retarded.  Uhm, yes, it's cheap on Ebay. Ebay is an auction site. The prices START cheap and go up as people bid on it. Ebay is not really an accurate guide to pricing collectables. If it's action figures, look in an action figure price guide. If it's books, go to a site that specializes on books. 

................I'm sorry, I'm not going to give you my anime mags for 25 cents apiece simply because they're a dollar on Ebay. They're nearly 20 years old and would be worth at least a little more to the right collectors. (incidentally, if you're looking for Animerica back-issues, let me know. ;) )
I have managed to unload a few more things, and hope to find a home for a few stuffed animals this evening. There is still the question on what to do with old VCR tapes. If you happen to have a VCR and want some, let me know. I won't charge except for maybe postage (last box of tapes I mailed cost me $20!) 

Next up: Scratch cleans out the closet. Stay tuned. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#308: Spring cleaning

Spent this morning picking through some audio cassette tapes (remember those?) to see what, if any, I could get rid of. I managed to find the songs I wanted off of them, and into the Goodwill pile they went. I still have a few I need to sort out, and then I'll have a box that I can store something else in. Or maybe I'll find another home from the box, as well--it was the packaging from a Christmas gift from ex-relatives I was not comfortable associating with, and as that part of my life is over, maybe it's time to sift those things, too.

I suspect Dent and myself have run out of things to say to one another. Well, I suspect this happened some time ago; when you call someone at every single break and say the same things at 2:30 that you did at noon, and this was said at 10:00 am as well, it gets redundant. Especially when this happens every. Single. Day.  Yet, he told me the four scariest words from me would be "we need to talk".  Even though I have tried to reassure him, time and again, should I say this, it doesn't mean he's in trouble, or that I'm leaving, or any such bullshit. It just means, simply, that we need to talk. That's it. Why do men make it so complicated when it doesn't need to be?

So he talks about the same old things, and I say nothing. Half the time I am tuning it out when he calls. This is not a good sign for a relationship, is it?

Maybe we need to talk.

my dorky self, complete with braids
My hair has gotten quite long. Not as long as fifteen years ago, when I was married, but still a lot longer than I've been letting it grow.  I probably won't let it go too much longer though. It's just below my shoulder blades now, and that seems to be a pretty good length to stop at, at least while I'm pushing hamburgers for a job.

Last Saturday was spent driving up to a small "Alternative book store", and a place where you can pay to pan for gold (?)  up towards the mountains. The latter place I wasn't impressed with, once we actually found it (the online directions were wrong and had me driving in the opposite direction from where I needed to go) . I hinted to Dent that, should he ever get his truck "highway worthy"  (he doesn't trust it for long trips, which is why I was driving), he'd have a place to go play while I am at work (and by extension, something to do, should I ever do travel). He agreed, which pretty much means it will never happen.

Or perhaps he is tuning me out, as well.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#307: baby steps

Tiny, tiny baby steps, a few at a time.

Today I took my tax refund check and started a savings account. It wasn't much, but it's a start. Hopefully there will be a good chunk saved up when the time comes.

I also unloaded some more unnecessary and unused things. I packed a small box with anime VCR tapes and mailed them to a friend who still collects that kind of thing (I no longer have a VCR, and anyway most of this stuff you can get on DVD now anyway.) One of the tapes got a little dinged up in transit, but the packaging was OK, which is what I was really sending them for anyway. I need to find some "forever homes" for some of my stuffed animals now--they're raccoons, so if you know anyone who collects them, let me know. My only request is that they not be used as dog toys (some of them are "rescues" from Walmart, too cute to let someone let their dog chew on it!), otherwise I'd of taken them to Goodwill and be done with it.

I think I may have waited too long to attempt to plant my tomato seedlings. They pretty much wilted as soon as I had them planted in the buckets outside. I guess I will have to go for the pre-sprouted ones again, if I expect to get any 'maters this season.

At the moment, it is raining. I guess I shouldn't complain as it's washing some of the pollen out of the air (my car has gone from red to yellow to red again!) But it just makes me all the more antsy for it to warm up and stay warm, thankyouverymuch. It's warmer than it has been, but not enough for shorts. Not that that is a bad thing, I simply haven't got the legs for that any more..... but around the house will be nice. :)

Bok! bok bok bok!
Easter was fairly quiet. I was (surprisingly) off that day, so Dent and I got semi-dooded up and went (where else?) to Walmart, since the weather was nice and if we'd stayed at home we'd of ended up napping all day. The candy was pretty well picked over (not counting what the employees were starting to pack back up to send back), but I did manage to find a Cadbury bunny someone'd  hid in the back of one shelf. He clucks when you squeeze him.


Monday, February 16, 2015

#306: exhausting and exhausted

A couple of weeks ago, I rearranged the furniture in the bedroom. This isn't as difficult as it sounds; most stuff slides pretty easily across the carpet (even the uber-heavy dresser, once you take the drawers out of it). So now the computer desk is by a window. I'm staring out the window now, waiting on the bad weather to hit. They're calling for snow this evening, then an ice storm. In a way  I can't complain; we've managed to dodge a bullet mostly compared to the folks further up north. But it's even more a pain in the ass than usual.
Because once again, I have to chauffeur Dent back and forth to work. THIS time it is the exhaust system that is at fault. His catalytic converter is screwed up. He went and got a new system, spent all week trying to get the old one off of his truck (made more difficult by the fact the only way he can raise the truck to get under it is by having the truck on ramps, which only raises the thing so far....) and THEN found they'd sold him the wrong one.  And it will be Thursday before the new one comes in. So, "Scratch's Taxi" is in effect, once again. I joked the other day I needed to install a meter.
Last weekend was spent in training to be an opener. This means being at the store at 5 am on weekdays (and Saturdays), putting the broiler together (something I was apprehensive about, because there are too. many. parts.) , and doing prep work for the folks who come in for the lunch shift. I found I enjoyed this, despite having to be there at an ungodly hour, but I don't think I will be doing it much as the folks who already do breakfast are firmly entrenched and aren't willling (or able) to do other shifts. This annoys me a little. I said I could work pretty much any time, and I meant it. So guess who gets the shitty times no one else will work? Usually, it's me. Here lately,  though I've been working mids, which is OK, except I'm supposed to be training in the kitchen, and usually I'm stuck out front instead. I'm getting a little tired of being jerked around, to be honest.
I suppose it will work itself out eventually. At least I am getting a few more hours than I was. Money is a good thing. :)
In other news, I managed to find that photo from a few posts back. You know the one, where I'm smirking. I have another one I haven't scanned in, I'm much younger, and I'm scared to death of Santa. My sister is having to hold on to me to keep me from running away, and santa is holding my stuffed big bird. I'll upload that at a later date, so you can laugh at that one, too.
Stay tuned.