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Friday, November 3, 2017

#352: *insert random title here* ;)

It's Renaissance Faire time, boys and girls!

One of the few times of the year I "suck it up" and tolerate a large crowd of people (not normally my strong suit). The mugs were greenish this year, not the best color for them but better than the last green ones they'd had (those were in 2003 or 4, and were puke green. Haven't seen that color since...)

I settled on a bucket this year, in order to be able to carry more stuff. Really, it's an ice bucket.

Don't ask. ;)

And then of course, there was Halloween. Didn't bother dressing up for that, but probably could have.

My life has gotten progressively weirder. People tend to wander in and out of my life, and the most unexpected seem to pop back up again. I ought not to be surprised when it happens, I had figured out long ago my life runs in circles. But it does surprise me, still. More on this as it progresses.

A happy Dent
In other news, the Megs will be down for Thanksgiving. I am more, beyond excited--after missing her over the summer I plan on making up for lost time--and she'll be down the whole week, not just a couple of days. We'll probably see about combining Thanksgiving and Christmas into one--since she'll be back home in Tennessee on Christmas.

At the moment, I'm staring out the front door. It's mid 70's here, somewhat fallish but still too warm for November. I can't complain though. Winter is coming.....

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

#351: Fairing at a Faire with Fairies....

Who's this crazy lady?
So it's 7:30 in the morning on a Saturday, and I'm barely awake and attempting to put on my ears by myself for the first time. It's the first time I've worn them since last year's Renaissance Faire. Here I am checking them out in the mirror and thinking, "Well, I guess they're mostly straight, as straight as faun ears can be. So goofy it works, I guess."

I know what you are doubtless thinking. The Renaissance Faire isn't for another couple of weeks yet, why am I putting myself through all this?

I was fortunate to find out a "Faerie Festival" was somewhat nearish me, and after talking Dent into driving (it was that, or stealing his garmin) we headed out to check it out.
After driving what seemed an eternity through what amounted to BFE, we finally found the place. The road was somewhat rough heading in, and I can see where parking would be a problem in subsequent years, maybe room for 20 cars at most? Fortunately we got there somewhat earlyish and got a spot right up front. 

Not the Love Boat....
Fortunately for Dent, there were some folks doing the Viking thing so he wasn't totally bored. I have to admit I was a bit surprised that there'd be Vikings at a "Faerie Festival" (!) Here I am posing by their boat. Apparently later on in the day the little kids get a ride in it.

Next stop: Carolina Renaissance Festival. Hopefully the ears will get easier to put on with more practice.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

#350: Labour Day

Labour day has come and gone, and the Bucketgarden is no more. My next task is to sort the potted plants, to determine which will be going up to the school, and which are staying with me. The ones that are staying will be dusted with insecticide before being brought inside. I found the pepper spray was ineffective; in fact, the hornworms decided they liked hot stuff enough that the habeneros were fair game. I found one half-eaten hot pepper and the next day I caught this fellow returning to the scene of the crime. Normally I don't bother with these--by the time I find them the wasps have already laid eggs on them, and they're really just there for the leaves. But when you start eating peppers, you're asking for it!

The next couple of days will also be a time of picking through winter clothing, deciding what to wash and put up in the closet, and what, if anything, I can get rid of. Also picking through some odds and ends for a former co-worker, some toys for her little ones to play with. So that should also clear up some space.

We managed to miss a lot of Harvey, just some rain. But Irma may provide a bigger punch these next few days. So I will also have to "Batten down the hatches" the next day or two.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

#349: Timeflows

Felt a bit "off" the other day, restless and disturbed. I came to the realization it had been a couple of weeks since I had visited the creek, so I went to rectify this.

The path down to the water was rather overgrown; I pulled a few things and took a step in. I cleared my mind a bit and instead took notice of all that was around me. The minnows were bigger now, and the jewelweed was starting to bloom. I'll have to go down there with the camera on a day when I can stay longer, to see if I can catch a hummingbird sticking its nose in.

I was struck at how life seems to be moving both fast and slow for me. Fast, in that time is running short, and the year is beginning to wane. But slow, in that very little seems to be changing in my own life.

I spent Monday afternoon indoors, watching the eclipse on TV.... It wasn't a total one where I live and I wasn't expecting the weather to cooperate, so why not? So I sat and watched, and time flowed much as the stream does, inexorable and steady. deceptively slow, yet "time is up" way too quickly.

The next few weeks and months will be the turning-point, the wheel-spin's arrival. I can, I *must* decide which way the path needs to go. Evidently I have spent too long asking for opinions and advice, from those who either do not wish to give it, or cannot.

Time to stand up on my hind paws, dust my whiskers off of those who can't/won't help, and get on with things.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

#348: Lost

Somewhere a Sassafrass is getting a head start on fall.....

I lost my feelings long ago. It seemed a few weeks past I had started to find them again. I had started to feel, and I wasn't sure what I was feeling. But now they've faded again, from disuse. They have gone back to sleep, until such time as you choose to whistle them up again. It's been difficult to deal with having lost so much, and then got tempted to maybe regaining some of it again.

I am also missing some people in my life--an Aunt I lost track of died a couple of years ago, and a school chum has, seemingly, fallen off the face of the earth. I snooped around and found a semi-recent photo taken at some convention or other. She was smiling and, it is to be hoped, content. Obviously doing all right, and not needing anything, or anyone, from her old life. I wrote her a letter several months ago. I received neither a reply nor it returned. That was answer enough.

And then there is the lost time. I am losing track of time at an alarming rate; it seemed like only the other day Dent and I had decided a change would happen once the Megs finished school (Megs graduates next year--we made this decision nearly 4 years ago....)

I appear to be stronger, and more aware, and more in tune to myself. Yet I am also more lost than ever.....

A few weeks ago I lay out the old furniture blanket I keep always in the trunk of my car, and set the old umbrella on it. I stared up at the trees overhanging me, framing the blue sky. Summer is now 2/3 gone, and I have done little for myself. Still wanting to lean in the original direction, but getting mixed messages about doing so. Although I still have some time left, the deadline is rapidly approaching. Are you with me? Or are you going to continue to let me fumble by myself, lost as I am?

It is fear that holds me now--not fear of change, for that is inevitable--but the fear that, no matter which direction I go, it will be wrong. That there is no right path to take out of the woods. The breadcrumbs were all eaten a long time ago; and the stones I placed as markers were all washed away when the creek rose.

If you are out there, please find me.