Because bad taste is better than no taste at all.....

Monday, April 17, 2017

#344: Easter

Sunday found us wandering up at the local park. There were a lot of things blooming or beginning to bloom. I count this as Spring finally winning over. I had the camera, and Dent had the video camera going.

We even met a small snake, I am guessing it to be a garter snake. He was very well behaved and stopped to pose for us. This has to be the only snake I've ever met there, although I'm sure there are plenty more slithering around.

I amused myself by finding heart shaped leaves.  There were violets everywhere! They sprinkled the creekbanks with small purple splotches. I had the mental image of a fairy coming along at dawn with a paintbrush and flicking purple blobs all over the place.
Instead of eggs, we had fun hunting the different flowers, some of which I hadn't seen much of before.

I shall have to start going back on a regular basis to keep track of the stuff that blooms later on. :)
Stay tuned! 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

#343: MST

"Turn Left," said the squirrel voice from the Garmin. I looked over at Dent. "Do we really need to listen to this thing all the way there?"
Dent shrugged. "Unless you want to get lost...."
I have to say I am proud of myself. I spent the afternoon at a stranger's house, with about 30 people of whom I maybe knew 5-6. I managed not to freak out, or act goofy. Also managed to sound like I halfway knew what I was talking about (always a plus). Not too many people tried the pasta salad I brought, but that was ok. It'll get eaten sooner or later.
And...........I ended up with a shirt. Of course, it was because it wouldn't fit anyone else, but still..............

Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Spring has once again sprung here in Badhairland. My herbs are greening up, and more basil is on the way. Sadly, the squirrels kept digging up the mint, so I had to protect the remaining sprig (literally. There was only one left in there!) with an old grill grate. Hopefully it will come back.

I have also been getting in some experience with the MST (Mountain-To-Sea Trail), in the hopes that one of these days when the park service can hire again perhaps I can put that on a resume and get hired. I have to say even though this is volunteer work, I'm rather enjoying the view.

That's all for the moment--working on some big things at the moment, but I'll keep you updated as I can. :)
Stay Tuned!

Monday, February 6, 2017

#341: Four Shadows

I am conscious of time passing, and a few things that I have been waiting on to happen have come and gone. This has been helpful in some respects, as some of these things have counted as stages, as relays, to what will be the next phase of my life. Some days it seems like I've got it almost figured out.

Then the sun rises again, and I am no closer to the door than I was before. I am confused or changing my mind. Or both. The former is caused by others around me, and the latter caused mainly by myself.  But, I have only a year, and time is ticking.
It is time to make those "short lists".

I have adopted a rule that is simple, and another that is not so much.

1) The Simple one:  If it hasn't been used in a year, it no longer brings joy, and must be discarded, sold, or given a good home.

The second rule is more difficult as it involves those around me and will take longer to sort out.

2) Those who make an effort to stay in my life in the present, will pass along with me in the future. 
Those who do not, I will have to leave behind.

There are some who will, no doubt, be hurt when I vanish.

But on some I have already given up on. And moved on. And made other plans. In this order.
I apologize in advance.

As I'm pondering all this, I'm looking out the bedroom window. The sky is a perfect blue, sort of like the old days when you'd flip the TV to channel 3 but you hadn't put in the VCR tape yet, and the screen was blue. A bit like that. I have this nagging feeling that I should go out and cut back the pampas grass while it's still somewhat cool but not absolutely freezing. The snow at the beginning of January has left behind brown clumps with sharp edges, ugly and winter-like in their deadness, the tips just popping up in a wave in front of the window against the winter sky.

Instead, I stick food in the oven to cook, and wiggle Dent's toes where he's dozed off on the couch. I get an "uhmhmm" that drifts back into a snore.

How mundane. January and February seem to be the "time loop" months, when nothing happens and nothing seems to want to. But I want something to happen. Just have to channel that restlessness into something else.............but I don't know how..........

It's sort of like I'm groping in the dark but I don't know what it is I'm reaching for, so I don't know how to grasp it fully.
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

#340: Sights of the season

Yesterday I wandered back down to the creek. The dry sandy banks are furred with brown rushes, reflecting the waning of the year when light and tempature become difficult to come by. Also reflected is the lack of rain, which we haven't seen in more than a month and will probably be lacking in the near future as well.

I'm having to "make do" with the local gifts of nature. My usual lurking place is currently consumed by flames, as they have been for the past week. I doubt I will be able to visit it again, any time soon. It is just one of a number of mental losses I have suffered lately. Hardly surprising as it seems whatever I do, is wrong, so I shouldn't be surprised at the good things in my life disappearing and being taken away. 

I am also puzzled by certain people in my life. I get words, of encouragement, but words are merely air, and when it gets down to the wire and I choose to let people go, nothing is said. Mind, I'm not expecting an over dramatic "No!! Don't go!!", but it's as if the people involved don't care if I remain in their lives or not. I want people in my life, who will fight to keep me in theirs. And right now I'm not seeing it in anyone I come in contact with. Not the ex, nor my "roomie", nor any of my supposed "friends". Apparently I need new friends.

My Halloween/Ren Faire costume worked out fairly well this year. I still had to wriggle sideways through crowds to avoid hitting people with the wings, but I received compliments on them, and even had to tell a few folks how they were made. I got some fairy ears ("Faun" style--they're HUGE), so the fairy image is complete.

My next project will be doing something with the other, smaller pair of wings. Do I steampunk them? Or cover them with flower petals? Or make them "Yule" wings, with holly and ivy and pine?

Next stop: Thanksgiving. I'm ashamed to admit the Christmas tree is already up. The other evening I felt down and out and needed some cheering up. Coon-In-The-Room had already escaped from the box of decorations and was climbing up the branches. I've also gone several places out, wearing my deer antlers. It feels like I'm dying on the inside, but if I can get others to smile, I am content.