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Thursday, October 8, 2015

#326: This time of year

I love this time of year. The mushrooms seem to come out of nowhere. These look a little bit different than the ones I spotted last year. Some people have a problem with these, and don't want them growing in the yard. I find though, if you leave them alone, they aren't around for very long. They'll turn black in a week or two, and ooze back into the ground.  
 It's been a good day to drag out the old camera and get a few "snaps" in. I was impressed on how some of them turned out, since my camera doesn't always pick up small things like it should.

I spent this morning picking up some of the stuff left over from the storm, and putting things out I'd put away, and putting things UP that didn't need to be out. Then I pulled out the broom and swept around the picnic table. It was at that point I found Scratch's house all covered in leaves and things, and realized she needed a hand in cleaning up her yard, too. So I got to work, and it didn't take too long.  

I also cleaned up my "moss garden", which was a lot greener underneath the fallen leaves. All that rain from last week really perked the green stuff up.

Stay tuned!


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#325: Beating against the glass

It's a bit difficult when you see something you want, and know you can never have it.

As I sit and type, the only other sound in the room is coming from the book case. There's this old clock with a unicorn on it, that has somehow managed to survive the trip from Georgia, to NC, to Tennessee, and back again. The unicorn is missing the very tip of its horn; and a foreleg has been glued back on, multiple times as the old glue wears away. But it is still, more or less, intact.

It is very loud in the room.

My birth certificate came in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Not too long after I'd sent off for it, actually. This surprised me a little, considering the name change. I had expected some sort of confirmation of who I was other than the drivers license I had photocopied and taped to the sheet. Could the rest be as easy, I can only hope.

I grow weary of the tick-tick-tick, so I put on some music. I could just as easily have taken the battery out of the clock, but then the silence would be complete, and this is even more unnerving than the steady pulse of time, ticking away over there by the Tolkien books that have also managed the trip to hell and back.

That, and I'm not sure it's the clock that is ticking away, more like my heart. Beating solo, with apparently no other heart to keep pace with.

At the moment, Dent is in a classroom about 20 miles away. I had to be a bit tough on him this morning. I had to be out the door a little after 4 this morning, and I needed to make sure he was awake before I left. "I'll be awake when the alarm goes off" he tells me (in 30 minutes.)
"Uh.... ,no?" I say. "Get up now..." He laughs. He laughs...I am not laughing. I shouldn't be still having to run him out of bed just so he'll get to work in the morning on time.

Tomorrow ought to be spent putting the Halloween decorations BACK out, now that we're no longer worried about the world floating away.... Or maybe I'll do something totally different. Who knows?

I had to use THAT analogy today. That of a bird beating against a windowpane. That that's my life right now. I'm stifled, and squashed, and bored, and impatient, and maybe, just maybe, a little lonely. I can't breathe, in the mental sense, and I'm not sure I can make anyone understand this. To understand what it truly means.

I suppose I will have to open my own window, as no one seems to be able to do it for me.

Stay tuned.

Monday, September 21, 2015

#324: Step by step

I am finding it more and more difficult from day to day, to care about some of the human beings around me.

This afternoon I took another step--I sent off for that birth certificate. This involved our scanner (to scan in my drivers' licence) and a neighbor's fax machine. I am sincerely hoping that will be the end of it, although I am prepared to fax a copy of the marriage certificate if necessary. The next stage, when I have got that straightened out, is to work on a passport photo.

Currently, the house smells of chicken and dumplings. This is one dish I have never really had much success in making; the "dumplings" (really canned biscuits cut into quarters) either don't cook through or dissolve entirely before the rest of the stuff is done cooking. I tried adding cream of chicken soup to this batch as a new thing; we'll see how that tastes. The smells of dinner are mingling with the dampness of the outside--it's been cool and cloudy all day--perfect fall weather--and I've had the windows open pretty much all day.

In the living room, smack dab in front of the window, is one of the potted plants that was out on the patio. It got rather tall growing on the upside down tomato cage I put over it, so I brought it in (after dusting it for hichhiker "bugs" that have no business in the house!)and decorated it with halloween stuff. So now it's a "halloween tree" of sorts. I hung up the inflatable spider at the end of the drive as well, but she seems to be deflating and apparently got a hole in her somewhere. This makes me a little on the sad side, but considering I don't even remember when or where I bought the thing (I've had her at least three years--a long time for an inflatable thing), it may be time to retire her and think of something else.

Someone sent this to me today. I thought it amusing, considering. I had had to correct the white board up at work--someone had misused "there" for "they're", but it got erased. :/ evidently someone didn't appreciate my correction....

He looks rather like a hamster taking a massive dump.... cute and alarming all at once.  Someone, anyone, please give the man some sunflower seeds or something. Before he bites someone! Ha.

Those eyebrows, though.

In other news, I unloaded some more things. Some odds and ends my daughter left last time she visited--I packed them in a box and off to the post office I went. She was a little confused at the Marti Gras beads, until I explained that they were hers. Her darling aunt left them with us when she was a baby. I had had to clean them up a bit (they smelled of beer), and I'd had them packed away in the closet till she was old enough for them.

The restlessness is still there--I find myself up at night, wandering back and forth in the living room, or lying on the futon staring at the ceiling. Slowly but surely, the path is progressing... but I do not know what I will find at the end of it.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

#323: Leapin' Lizards!!

There came a scratch-scritch-scrutch at the front door.

 I knew immediately what it was.

............Our screen door has holes in it, where a previous tenant had let their dog climb up the door (don't ask.). So we had temporarily installed one of those mesh "curtain" things behind it, and just never replaced the screen door. So occasionally we get little visitors who get caught between the two mesh doors, and the storm door. Usually it's a big bug, like a wasp or a beetle. But occasionally we get a lizard, and that was what it was this time. It had climbed up the inside mesh door, and was up at the top. When I opened the storm door it looked at me like, "Oh CRAP."

Usually all I have to do is open the outside doors, and whatever-it-is flies/runs/crawls out. This lizard, however, took a flying leap OVER my head. And disappeared.

So for two weeks I've been hearing little scratches as it runs to hide under things. Yes, it was still in the house, somewhere. Until yesterday morning, when I spotted it it hanging out under a camp chair.

I managed to chase it into my computer bag, where I promptly took it outside and let it go.

This morning I came across it hanging out under the shade house. I know it's the same one because of the missing foot.

Tough little bastard.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

#322: What's that sound?

That is the sound of millions of children yelling, "But, Moooom, I don't wanna go back to school..." Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's that time again, when the big yellow school busses make their appearance to steal your children away....

.......Either that, or you're hearing the last gasp of summer, vainly grasping with green fingers. Not yet, it's saying.

I can only hope autumn is more lyrical in nature. I look forward to the skittering of dead leaves across the patio as the wind kicks up. That sudden, sweet silence you've just noticed...because all the mosquitoes have all gone into hibernation or have died off (little bastards got enough blood from me to start a blood bank).

Sunday was also the time to go find a new pair of jeans, as my old ones finally got a hole in the knees. And as expected, the women's jeans were too large. The girls' were too small, or too girly.... I'm trying to be a little more feminine in how I dress, but blue jeans with little swirly hearts on the ass are not. my. thing.

.......So as expected, home I came with a pair of teen boy's pants. 14H. They look almost exactly like the pair I replaced (other than being a slightly darker blue, and I suspect they'll fade the more I wash them.). They're also cargo pants, like the old ones, so they have the extra pockets on the legs. I don't know what it is about me and pockets. Since the old ones ripped just below the knee-pockets, I simply gave them a trim and now I have a "new" pair of shorts to wear around the house.

The next few weeks are going to be busy ones. I'm looking over my potted plants and deciding which ones I want to keep, and which ones I want to drop off at the college. A couple of them have gotten too big for me to really keep up with; I have taken cuttings of them and they are now in the house, growing in their own little pots. I also have to decide whether I want to keep up with the bucket garden and let the frost kill everything off, or just dump everything and be done with it. I cut back the tomato plants, in the hope they'd regrow but so far there hasn't been anything much to report.

I'm also going to start feeling around for that passport. Tracking down what documents I need, as well as correcting what may need correcting in order to get the passport approved. I can't see my luck being that good that it'd get approved right off the bat. It's always something..... ;)

Stay tuned.