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Sunday, June 25, 2017

#347: Summertime

The paper grocery bags sitting under the dining room table remind me I have more things I need to sift, both the physical ones and mental ones.

Some days it seems almost the uphill battle--I find homes for things, and Dent gets 4 packages in the mail with stuff he's ordered.

Come the moving day, however, those things will not be my problem. I'm looking to narrow my own stuff down to fit in a pick up truck or (at the most) a small moving van ( I doubt a full sized U Haul will fit back here in the sticks, narrow driveway.) This may or may not include furniture.

Of course, I might not go anywhere. It is literally in the air at the moment. I have.....I guess you could say "sampled" an option.... but my instincts are silent as to whether or not this is the right direction to go in. I have nothing to go on in the physical world, nor is my "gut" talking. I am in the dark here. Some days it seems it is the way to go--but then the silence at the other end of the line kicks in and I find I am literally talking to myself. So I guess it will have to wait till it's down to the wire. Not the way I wanted life to roll--I don't do things on impulse--it never ends well. I am "flirting with disaster", as the old song goes.

It has kept me up nights, and I suspect I'll be up a few more from now until then.

In the mean time, there is trailwork to do. Yesterday I talked Dent into helping a group up at old Grandfather mountain. There were water diversions to dig, and stones to move, and things to clip back. We came home covered in earthy red clay (it rained fairly heavily the night before) and tired. I was proud of Dent at the amount of work he showed he could do. I think he understands how much work goes into it, now.

I don't expect to get much sleep July 4th. The asshole up the road was up till 4 am on new years, setting off fireworks, and I can fully expect a repeat performance. Because heaven forbid anyone would have to work early the next day.  I can only wish missing fingers and a trip to the emergency room. Thank goodness for earplugs and a good fan to drown out at least some of the noise.  At the moment I am struggling to figure out what to do on that day--Dent is off work that week and I will have to think of things to do so that we don't annoy each other too much.

I expect to be spending a fair amount of time outside, doing gardening stuff that I've been putting off for far too long.

Stay tuned!

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