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Saturday, May 6, 2017

#345: Move Me.

As some of you may know, the Megs graduates high school next year. After this, I plan on going.....somewhere. But being literally able to go anywhere, you can imagine I'm having a bit of a difficult time figuring out where to go. I spent my early years in Georgia, and have lived a few years in Tennessee. I've spent most of my life, however, in NC. And now it's time for a change! I *could* perhaps hang a map up on the wall and throw darts at it.....Or perhaps I should ask a second opinion from you out there in badhairland.  (and third...fourth...fifth....) Where should I move to? Give me your best pitch! I need something to go on, besides "my town is awesome!" ;) What is there to do? What kind of jobs are there? Why do you think I'd be happy there where you are?

And now for the disclaimer: You don't win a prize if I pick your location (unless you consider having me as a neighbor as a prize... in which case, we can talk....)

You can comment here, email, or if you know me on FB, you can send me a message here.  Hell, record a YouTube video for all it matters (extra brownie points).  It doesn't matter, but in order for me to take it seriously, I have to feel like you *really* want me where you are.

I'll post the decision here, once I figure it out. ;)

And Good Luck!! :)



  1. Hmmmm
    SoCal is still sorta in a depression jobwise. That great recovery O told us about hasn't arrived yet although houses are selling again. I'd say come and visit (we have a swimming pool, hot tub and crazy border collies) and see if any of the local nurseries are hiring. Cost of living will be higher than NC but one thing for sure.. it will be different.

  2. central florida has warm weather, a comfortable southern feel to it, a low cost of living, and perhaps the best of all, no state income tax. do you like the beach? you'll be close. do you like the mountains? then don't come, we don't have those.


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