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Monday, April 17, 2017

#344: Easter

Sunday found us wandering up at the local park. There were a lot of things blooming or beginning to bloom. I count this as Spring finally winning over. I had the camera, and Dent had the video camera going.

We even met a small snake, I am guessing it to be a garter snake. He was very well behaved and stopped to pose for us. This has to be the only snake I've ever met there, although I'm sure there are plenty more slithering around.

I amused myself by finding heart shaped leaves.  There were violets everywhere! They sprinkled the creekbanks with small purple splotches. I had the mental image of a fairy coming along at dawn with a paintbrush and flicking purple blobs all over the place.
Instead of eggs, we had fun hunting the different flowers, some of which I hadn't seen much of before.

I shall have to start going back on a regular basis to keep track of the stuff that blooms later on. :)
Stay tuned! 

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