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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

#338: Feathers and Fins

So I thought I'd update some of you folks who're not in the immediate vicinity, what's going here in badhairland.

The past 12 months or so have been, in an understatement, a time of major changes, both for Dent and myself. He's been busily doing all that new fangled learning stuff, all in hopes of getting a better paying, more satisfying job. I, on the other hand, took the summer off to get my head straight and figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Because as much as I respect the Burger Flippers of America, I have no desire to be doing this at age 50. (I'm not getting any younger, whippersnappers.)

 I think I have the beginnings of a plan going here, and with the help of some friends (you know who you are, and a huge thank you for your help!) I plan on moving forward.

Dent and I have had a discussion, and it's been generally decided that while we still do love each other very much, we are moving in different directions, and are indeed at different stages of our lives, if not different stages of being--I'm still trying to figure out who I am inside, and I think he's evolving as well. So we've instituted the "let's just be friends" rule.  We're still amicable and splitting the bills and supporting each other emotionally. But we are now officially roommates.

No, stop crying. It's fine. Really. I'm not going to disappear on you all, promise. I'm still the same old Scratch you've all come to know and love. Just changing gears. Trying on some new wings. Attempting to stand up on my hind legs for once. That kind of thing.

Thank you for your patience, and we now return you to your regularly scheduled smart aleck.

Monday evening was spent down by the creek. I find if you kick up some of the sand on the bottom and then stand still for a few minutes, the small minnows come to investigate. After a while they start digging their little mouths into the mesh of my "shower shoes" and give my bare ankles little fishy kisses. I guess they're checking out the skin mites (or eating dead skin) that everyone has. It's not quite a tickle. Almost. It makes me giggle a bit, and I'm glad no one is down there with me, or they'd hear me talking to them.

On the way back to the house, I found a feather. I've been finding them almost every time I go there, now. Maybe some day I'll have enough to cobble together into some sort of Icarus-style wings. This last one was small, and an iridescent brownish color, which makes me think the wild turkeys have been through. I suspect they hang out in the woods down by the creek now, due to the neighbor's putting out corn. It's for the deer but the squirrels (and now the turkeys, too, apparently) seem to be taking care of it now.
So Tuesday afternoon I did something brave: I went back up to the school to request a transcript. This probably doesn't seem like all that much; people do this every day.  Other people have no problem walking right up to a complete stranger and talking to them. But other people aren't me.

Said transcript arrived Saturday. Having survived the first challenge, I can now move on a harder one--contacting the other school, which is in another state altogether.

Certain friends and family have been notified of the upcoming possible upheaval, so it won't be so much a surprise when it happens.

The ball is rolling at last, so to speak. Or at least I seem to be nearing the top of the hill......

The tomatoes are a mixed lot this year. There's been a couple of big ones, and a few that weren't so big but were still okay to slice up and eat anyway. I've given away a lot of my cherry tomatoes this year. I think I enjoyed growing them more than I've enjoyed eating them. I've got a few jalapenos going, and cayenne, and some habaneros. But these last ones will take a while longer before they're ripe.

Saturday was spent at a place neither Dent nor I had been to before: Linville Falls. Since it was a million degrees out, why not head up into the mountains? It was certainly cooler.  Seems even the butterflies were keeping their cool up there.....

Stay tuned.

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