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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

#335: Little Sister Syndrome

There has to be a name for my condition.
There is, because I have just made it up.
Well, someone else probably has thought of it first. That's just how my luck goes. But anyway.

Someone suggested I was too used to fading into the background. I can't argue with this--in the past it's been safer to not be noticed. Problem is, that's all I really am good at, when it comes to social interaction. Because when I try to stand out, no one takes me seriously.

It doesn't help that I look like this most of the time.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind not looking my age (which is ). But it would be helpful if I didn't look *12*.

Attempts at looking older are met with mixed results. A couple of weeks ago I tried wearing a skirt. Which looked ok. But I still felt like a child wearing mommy's clothing. I am too used to wearing jeans and a tee shirt and just being the tom boy.

And people are too used to seeing a small person and just not taking much notice.

So I apparently have what I have come to call "little sister syndrome". Those of you who have older siblings probably know the feeling--that want to be a part of something bigger or better but no one gives you a chance at it. Hell, they rarely give you a second glance. And attempts at saying "hello? Please notice me?" are met with the proverbial pat on the head. As in, it's ok little girl.

There are some out there who'd just tell me to roll with it. But I'm tired of not being taken seriously simply because I'm small and female. Anyone else out there have this problem?

Stay tuned.

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