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Monday, September 21, 2015

#324: Step by step

I am finding it more and more difficult from day to day, to care about some of the human beings around me.

This afternoon I took another step--I sent off for that birth certificate. This involved our scanner (to scan in my drivers' licence) and a neighbor's fax machine. I am sincerely hoping that will be the end of it, although I am prepared to fax a copy of the marriage certificate if necessary. The next stage, when I have got that straightened out, is to work on a passport photo.

Currently, the house smells of chicken and dumplings. This is one dish I have never really had much success in making; the "dumplings" (really canned biscuits cut into quarters) either don't cook through or dissolve entirely before the rest of the stuff is done cooking. I tried adding cream of chicken soup to this batch as a new thing; we'll see how that tastes. The smells of dinner are mingling with the dampness of the outside--it's been cool and cloudy all day--perfect fall weather--and I've had the windows open pretty much all day.

In the living room, smack dab in front of the window, is one of the potted plants that was out on the patio. It got rather tall growing on the upside down tomato cage I put over it, so I brought it in (after dusting it for hichhiker "bugs" that have no business in the house!)and decorated it with halloween stuff. So now it's a "halloween tree" of sorts. I hung up the inflatable spider at the end of the drive as well, but she seems to be deflating and apparently got a hole in her somewhere. This makes me a little on the sad side, but considering I don't even remember when or where I bought the thing (I've had her at least three years--a long time for an inflatable thing), it may be time to retire her and think of something else.

Someone sent this to me today. I thought it amusing, considering. I had had to correct the white board up at work--someone had misused "there" for "they're", but it got erased. :/ evidently someone didn't appreciate my correction....

He looks rather like a hamster taking a massive dump.... cute and alarming all at once.  Someone, anyone, please give the man some sunflower seeds or something. Before he bites someone! Ha.

Those eyebrows, though.

In other news, I unloaded some more things. Some odds and ends my daughter left last time she visited--I packed them in a box and off to the post office I went. She was a little confused at the Marti Gras beads, until I explained that they were hers. Her darling aunt left them with us when she was a baby. I had had to clean them up a bit (they smelled of beer), and I'd had them packed away in the closet till she was old enough for them.

The restlessness is still there--I find myself up at night, wandering back and forth in the living room, or lying on the futon staring at the ceiling. Slowly but surely, the path is progressing... but I do not know what I will find at the end of it.

Stay tuned.

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