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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

#322: What's that sound?

That is the sound of millions of children yelling, "But, Moooom, I don't wanna go back to school..." Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's that time again, when the big yellow school busses make their appearance to steal your children away....

.......Either that, or you're hearing the last gasp of summer, vainly grasping with green fingers. Not yet, it's saying.

I can only hope autumn is more lyrical in nature. I look forward to the skittering of dead leaves across the patio as the wind kicks up. That sudden, sweet silence you've just noticed...because all the mosquitoes have all gone into hibernation or have died off (little bastards got enough blood from me to start a blood bank).

Sunday was also the time to go find a new pair of jeans, as my old ones finally got a hole in the knees. And as expected, the women's jeans were too large. The girls' were too small, or too girly.... I'm trying to be a little more feminine in how I dress, but blue jeans with little swirly hearts on the ass are not. my. thing.

.......So as expected, home I came with a pair of teen boy's pants. 14H. They look almost exactly like the pair I replaced (other than being a slightly darker blue, and I suspect they'll fade the more I wash them.). They're also cargo pants, like the old ones, so they have the extra pockets on the legs. I don't know what it is about me and pockets. Since the old ones ripped just below the knee-pockets, I simply gave them a trim and now I have a "new" pair of shorts to wear around the house.

The next few weeks are going to be busy ones. I'm looking over my potted plants and deciding which ones I want to keep, and which ones I want to drop off at the college. A couple of them have gotten too big for me to really keep up with; I have taken cuttings of them and they are now in the house, growing in their own little pots. I also have to decide whether I want to keep up with the bucket garden and let the frost kill everything off, or just dump everything and be done with it. I cut back the tomato plants, in the hope they'd regrow but so far there hasn't been anything much to report.

I'm also going to start feeling around for that passport. Tracking down what documents I need, as well as correcting what may need correcting in order to get the passport approved. I can't see my luck being that good that it'd get approved right off the bat. It's always something..... ;)

Stay tuned.

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