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Thursday, August 13, 2015

#320: hearts of stone

I'm one of those lucky people with a creek behind the house, that I can walk along and even wade in from time to time. The rocks are different than what you'd expect; there are very few smooth stones like you see in those "nature" stores, with the words carved in them. Most are rough, and come in different shapes. A lot of the rock is shale or slate, that breaks off into big flat pieces. I've made a habit of bringing back a piece or two every time I walk down there, to put around my rose bush. I'm hoping to snuff out the weeds that keep taking over the area, as well as give the lizards some place new to sun themselves.

"gonna harden my heart.....
Gonna swallow my tears......."
I also find a lot of shapes. The other afternoon I found a small flat one that was an almost perfect triangle. Lately I have been noticing the ones that are almost heart shaped.

Mostly though, I look for the clear ones, or nearly so. The quartz that you can sit in a window and the light shines through it. They're mostly small ones I find, and not perfect looking like the sort you can buy. But they're mine; I've found them myself.

Seems like the further I go, the harder my feelings become. It's like someone took out my heart, and replaced it with a stone. One that's been washed of all feeling, gritty and hard.

This will be the beginning of week four of my self-imposed "separation". I keep getting asked "you still on the couch?" Well, yes, and likely to be for a while. It's working all right for the moment. Quit asking; it's irritating.

It doesn't help that I suspect my laptop computer is dying. I've had the thing almost as long as Dent has been living with me; which is a good long time in the life of a laptop. I've made sure to save what I couldn't replace. Just in case it, to quote my neighbour, "Shits its cookies".

Dent starts classes next week. He's managed to snag the book he needed, I guess this weekend we'll be looking for school supplies.... Now, if his boss at work will actually *work* with him so that he can get to his classes on time, this might actually work out OK, finally.

Stay tuned.

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