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Monday, August 10, 2015

#319: Finders keepers

serendipity /ser'en dip i te/ n.
an apitude for making diserable discoveries by accident

--The Random House Dictionary (1989)

So the other night we went to the Big Blue store, to get some food stuff for the week. Up at the front of the store there's these giant bins, holding various cheaply priced DVD's. Dent usually picks through them, looking for something to watch. I could almost leave the man there and come back an hour later and he'd be still picking through them.

I glance down, and notice one box, with its red-white-and-blue packaging. I pick it up. It's some old Captain America thing that was on TV in the late 1970's or early 1980's. 

"I've been looking for that for months!" exclaims Dent. "I couldn't find it anywhere online..."

And I find it in 30 seconds, at Walmart. In a discount bin. 

Ladies and gentleman, I am apparently a "finder". 

It's strange, because most days I barely notice what is in front of my face......

Now, if I could just "find" $1,000,000 or so, my life would be complete. 

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