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Monday, July 27, 2015

#317: It's the small things

There are days when I feel very small in this big world of ours. Insignificant. Like I don't matter a whole lot. Not a new feeling, I have to admit. And it's difficult when no one really sees you for who you are, or they think they know you and they really don't.  But then I find things that really are small, and they don't worry about getting lost, they just do the best they can with what they've got. I suppose I should do the same. Just hang out in the sun and make the best of things.  

It helps to be sure to look around you, if you want to see the things that other people miss seeing. Little tiny things that most overlook. You'd be surprised at what may be lurking in the basil. A couple of years ago I found a rather large, bright green spider here. She was eating a bumblebee, so I left her alone. I nicknamed her "Basil" and left her a tall stalk for her to lay her eggs on. I haven't seen any more of that kind of spider in there. But I did find one of these lurking.  

 We apparently have a lot of these around here. I don't mind too much. This may be the same one, just older. I don't really know the life cycle of these things, only that they eat harmful bugs, and they're really neat. 

I'm a little strange in that I'm not very "girly". That is, insects don't bother me a whole lot. If it's a roach, certainly, it meets the bottom of my shoe real quick. But I catch the spiders that get "lost" in the house, as well as the stink bugs that somehow find their way in. 

Of course, we have more than just bugs here. We have the things that EAT the bugs as well. This little guy usually hides in the trees, and you hear him and all his little friends at night. They put up quite a racket calling for Mrs. Frog. I actually found this one several days later crawling up the side of the trailer. I had to catch him and throw him off into the woods, so the owls wouldn't eat him. 

This, believe it or not, is a snail. They live all in the creek here. I'm guessing the crayfish and raccoons snack on them for dinner. Never was a big fan of the thought of escargot, but whatever trips your trigger.

So don't forget to look down, you never know what little friends you could be making.... ;) 

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