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Saturday, May 16, 2015

#310: for the last friggin' time

It happened again, this time at the flea market this morning. We're deep in conversation with someone at a booth, about maybe finding a home for the folding camp-chairs taking up space in my closet. The chair he was using (an ordinary lawn chair) got messed up by the wife, and he needs something he can take with him to fairs, or races, or whatever the hell he does in his spare time. 

"............So what is your name?" asks the man behind the counter.

Dent gives the man his name, his real one. 

"............and your lovely wife, what's her name?" 

I cringe.  

"We're not married," I tell the man. Then I give him my name, which brings him much amusement as someone he works with has the very same name. "Quite a lovely lady..." he tells me. 

Obviously, he's played this game before, as he jokingly pulls out a necklace charm and says, "Yes, I found your name right here!" (The charm is a gold one that reads 'The Boss'. ) But he completely missed that we BOTH told him I don't wear jewelry (not normally, and nothing like that anyhow), and again referred to me as "your lovely wife" as we left.  

I guess I need a tee shirt for public outings. One that reads, "No, we're not married." 

In other news, we managed to find one of the lost citizens of Lobsteronia. I'll post an image of him once I can get him to quit scurrying around the house...... 

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