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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#308: Spring cleaning

Spent this morning picking through some audio cassette tapes (remember those?) to see what, if any, I could get rid of. I managed to find the songs I wanted off of them, and into the Goodwill pile they went. I still have a few I need to sort out, and then I'll have a box that I can store something else in. Or maybe I'll find another home from the box, as well--it was the packaging from a Christmas gift from ex-relatives I was not comfortable associating with, and as that part of my life is over, maybe it's time to sift those things, too.

I suspect Dent and myself have run out of things to say to one another. Well, I suspect this happened some time ago; when you call someone at every single break and say the same things at 2:30 that you did at noon, and this was said at 10:00 am as well, it gets redundant. Especially when this happens every. Single. Day.  Yet, he told me the four scariest words from me would be "we need to talk".  Even though I have tried to reassure him, time and again, should I say this, it doesn't mean he's in trouble, or that I'm leaving, or any such bullshit. It just means, simply, that we need to talk. That's it. Why do men make it so complicated when it doesn't need to be?

So he talks about the same old things, and I say nothing. Half the time I am tuning it out when he calls. This is not a good sign for a relationship, is it?

Maybe we need to talk.

my dorky self, complete with braids
My hair has gotten quite long. Not as long as fifteen years ago, when I was married, but still a lot longer than I've been letting it grow.  I probably won't let it go too much longer though. It's just below my shoulder blades now, and that seems to be a pretty good length to stop at, at least while I'm pushing hamburgers for a job.

Last Saturday was spent driving up to a small "Alternative book store", and a place where you can pay to pan for gold (?)  up towards the mountains. The latter place I wasn't impressed with, once we actually found it (the online directions were wrong and had me driving in the opposite direction from where I needed to go) . I hinted to Dent that, should he ever get his truck "highway worthy"  (he doesn't trust it for long trips, which is why I was driving), he'd have a place to go play while I am at work (and by extension, something to do, should I ever do travel). He agreed, which pretty much means it will never happen.

Or perhaps he is tuning me out, as well.

Stay tuned.

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