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Monday, February 16, 2015

#306: exhausting and exhausted

A couple of weeks ago, I rearranged the furniture in the bedroom. This isn't as difficult as it sounds; most stuff slides pretty easily across the carpet (even the uber-heavy dresser, once you take the drawers out of it). So now the computer desk is by a window. I'm staring out the window now, waiting on the bad weather to hit. They're calling for snow this evening, then an ice storm. In a way  I can't complain; we've managed to dodge a bullet mostly compared to the folks further up north. But it's even more a pain in the ass than usual.
Because once again, I have to chauffeur Dent back and forth to work. THIS time it is the exhaust system that is at fault. His catalytic converter is screwed up. He went and got a new system, spent all week trying to get the old one off of his truck (made more difficult by the fact the only way he can raise the truck to get under it is by having the truck on ramps, which only raises the thing so far....) and THEN found they'd sold him the wrong one.  And it will be Thursday before the new one comes in. So, "Scratch's Taxi" is in effect, once again. I joked the other day I needed to install a meter.
Last weekend was spent in training to be an opener. This means being at the store at 5 am on weekdays (and Saturdays), putting the broiler together (something I was apprehensive about, because there are too. many. parts.) , and doing prep work for the folks who come in for the lunch shift. I found I enjoyed this, despite having to be there at an ungodly hour, but I don't think I will be doing it much as the folks who already do breakfast are firmly entrenched and aren't willling (or able) to do other shifts. This annoys me a little. I said I could work pretty much any time, and I meant it. So guess who gets the shitty times no one else will work? Usually, it's me. Here lately,  though I've been working mids, which is OK, except I'm supposed to be training in the kitchen, and usually I'm stuck out front instead. I'm getting a little tired of being jerked around, to be honest.
I suppose it will work itself out eventually. At least I am getting a few more hours than I was. Money is a good thing. :)
In other news, I managed to find that photo from a few posts back. You know the one, where I'm smirking. I have another one I haven't scanned in, I'm much younger, and I'm scared to death of Santa. My sister is having to hold on to me to keep me from running away, and santa is holding my stuffed big bird. I'll upload that at a later date, so you can laugh at that one, too.
Stay tuned.  

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