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Friday, January 16, 2015

#303: 40

The big day dawned. I guess it dawned; it was tough to tell through the clouds and rain. I spent the day cleaning house, and then stepped out to get Louis some oyster crackers... for some reason he insisted he needed some for some fish stew he'd be making later. I drove all over town, looking for the darn things. After finding them, I made my way back home to find this waiting for me. The dang Lobster'd made me a chocolate cake. "I didn't have any candles," he told me, "and I don't think Lobsters can count that high" (gee, thanks--good thing he was teasing). At any rate, my birthday came and went, and I don't feel any older. Or younger. Or different, really. I guess you don't really notice the changes from day to day. 

I also tried something yesterday I hadn't done in a while. I took a bubble bath. We have this oversized garden tub in our bathroom. I rarely use it. My daughter, I think, has used it more times when she visits, than I have. I always feel guilty using it (it takes SO much water to fill it up). It was nice, I guess, if you like that kind of thing. I always find cleaning myself up a utilitarian kind of thing, a jump-in-the-shower and then just as fast get out again. 

Today was bright and clear and almost warm, so I managed to get some outside stuff done. I cleaned under the shade house (Dent's crap was everywhere... it isn't bad enough it takes up the car port.... but the shade house, too?) Dent assured me this weekend would be spent cleaning out from under the car port. I will believe it when I see it. This from a man who can never find any of his tools, cause he never put it back where he found it last time. This is a man thing, I guess. But at least you can sit at the picnic table now without sitting on bits of tin and old rusty bolts from the old sluice he was working on.

 The weather today made me itch for spring to come. I need to decide what, if anything, to plant in those buckets this year. It was a bit much to keep up with last year, I simply didn't have the energy to keep up with it. So maybe just a couple of tomato plants (store bought this time), and the usual run of hot peppers. My herb buckets should come back (with the exception of the basil, it's an annual and needs to be planted every year) , and there's some stuff in buckets that I will probably plant out in the yard somewhere, as they're getting too big for the pots they're in and really weren't meant to be in a pot to start with.

Stay tuned.

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