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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#298: The Green Thing Under The Bed.

The Tree, A'la Dexter
I was awakened this morning to the sound of crackling plastic and a plaintive little voice from under the bed. "Can I come out yet? Halloween is over..... It isn't too early, is it?" I blinked the sleep out of my eyes. Apparently our Christmas tree was getting restless under there. After clearing out a corner of the living room, I pulled it out. It is now up, plastic removed, and is airing out. I'll have it decorated in a day or two.
Tomorrow's activity will include pulling out all the lights, and making sure they all still work. I haven't decided really on how to decorate the Technicolor Trailer this year; I joked to Dent that we could take white lights and form letters across the roof: "HAPPY HOLIDAYS, Y'ALL", since the only people who really see this are the airplanes that fly over head.
In other news, my planning is still...planning. I have some unpaid vacation coming up (our store is being remodeled--yay!) , and I plan on using that time in getting together whatever it is I need to do. Hopefully the construction company can get its crap together and get started on it like they're supposed to. It's hard to do what you say you're going to do when the people you depend on aren't doing what THEY are supposed to be doing.
At any rate, it has been a dull gray morning, and very cold for mid-November. We're normally not this cold until right before it warms up again. I guess it's nice to have a sense of what a real winter is like, but I can't imagine it being this cold for long. It never is here. 
Stay tuned.

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