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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

#297-Time Rolls On--Literally.

People have been enthralled with the concept of time since the first human being looked up at the sun and noticed that it moved. There've been sundials, and water-clocks, and all sorts of things to measure the seconds ticking by. This past sunday marked the end of daylight savings, and (to me, anyway), the beginning of the end of the year, when the sky gets dark sooner, the world gets colder....and time continues to march on.
I was on my way home from work last night, and this sort of happened.
You may wonder what kind of idiot carries a camera in her car just to catch the odometer in her car rolling over. Of course, I've been known to take photographs on the interstate, whilst travelling at 60+ MPH.  So having it timed just right to pull into an empty parking lot to get this one was not really an issue. I do, however, have mixed feelings about this. I've put quite a few miles on this thing (It was only at 14k when I got it!)  and have managed to survive trips to pick up the youngin', the frequent treks to work and back, and the general running around of the area.
I'm also somewhat depressed at the idea--the last car I had, also 'rolled over' while coming home from work. It's somewhat saddening that the milestones and memories of my life have been dictated by jobs, none of which I've been really happy at. Someone else would shrug and say, "Well, that's life and part of being an adult--welcome to the human race!" Other people would probably say, "You should do what you like, no sense in doing work you're miserable at." I rather like this idea, but......  
The main problem is time. I have a time limit to get done what I need to do....yet there is so much I have to wait on before I can do some of the more important things. So I research. And I wait. And hope I can get the timing right on this, too, like I did the odometer.  It's a game of hurry-up-and-wait, like so much else in my life. My plans are hindered somewhat by the fact that I haven't told my plans to too many people (I want to get it worked out before the Big Announcement), and avenues of inquery have gone thus far unanswered. My sister found the idea 'cool' (which makes me suspect she's as crazy as I am....) Of course, there are those I have mentioned the idea to, who apparently don't think I will do it.... we don't know me vewwy well, do we folks? Just you wait.... It WILL happen, hell or high water....any failure on my part won't be for lack of trying.
Halloween was an interesting affair. I cobbled together a pocketwatch for Meg's rabbit to wear, and off we went, down the rabbit hole. Folks had to ask who I was; even now, I guess "Steampunk Alice" doesn't enter the vocabulary of most, but when I flashed the bunny, most folks got the idea.  Yeah, I'm a goof. Don't remind me.
The Halloween decorations are now back in the closet. Next stop: Thanksgiving. To turkey, or not to turkey?
Stay tuned.

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