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Saturday, September 6, 2014

#296: A change of scenery?

So, a while back, I was considering a move. Said move would have involved moving nearly 1,000 miles to the northwest, away from everything I have known and have gotten used to. This move never happened. If I recall correctly, I asked for a sign. The next day I came down with a cold. Considering where I was considering moving to, I took this as some sort of omen that I should stay put. Not that I put much stock in omens, mind you. 

But the twitchings to change the scenery continued, and have to this day. And about a week ago, the urge took a new form. Something even stranger than moving to another state. How about another country? Sure, if I'm going to think of something outrageous that will (probably) never happen, might as well think big. But now I wonder. Plenty of people do it. 

Yesterday was payday for both Dent and I, and after I escaped work, and he'd paid whatever bills he takes care of, it was off to find some good Chinese food. It's been a while since we've gone out for Chinese. So we're puttering along the road, and the following conversation takes place:

Dent: "So, when're you getting rid of me?" (this is sort of a running joke between us. As if!)
Me:   "Never!  But.... I think it's time for a change of scene. Don't you? Something new."
Dent:  "Like what?" (Oh, if only you knew! I'm thinking.)
Me:   "What's the most goofy, the craziest thing you can think of?" 
Dent:  "Moving back to Georgia?" (We have 40-some acres for sale down there, BTW, in case you're interested.)
Me:   "Welllllll... Moving, maybe. But not there."
Dent:  "........................Can you give me a hint?"
Me:   "Have you ever heard the term 'study abroad'? As in 'being somewhere that is not here'. " 

At this point I expected Dent to say, "Stop the car, I think I'm riding with a madwoman." 

But, something happened that was even more bizarre.... he liked the idea. 

Still in the early planning stages yet--I want to be doing this about the same time Meg's graduates high school (in about 4 years!), so plenty of time to do research and whatnot. Should it happen this way, you'll be the first to know. 

So, no... I don't believe in omens.... but it's a bit odd that our fortunes last night were these.


More on this later. 

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