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Sunday, May 18, 2014

#293: Black, white and blue.

So here I am, and it's Sunday afternoon. I'm dressed in a manner that the casual outside observer would best describe as "goofy", trying not to trip in sand. I'm wearing make-up for the first time since high school, and I've actually got a skirt on (something I don't do for just anyone...) There are people milling around me, similarly dressed, and some, as you can see, have kilts (Obviously, they are carrying off the look better than I am.). Off in the distance, there's two banks of folding chairs, each with a progamme and a little bottle of bubble stuff in the seat. Up front, there are a myriad assortment of people, standing in front of a home-built Tardis, complete with a little light on top that'll come on as soon as the sunlight fades. 

This has been in the planning stages for a while. It's a wedding--not my own, obviously. I never cared to be the center of attention, so you know this would be unlike me.  But here they are, in the photo above--the happy couple just after the fact. I wish them the happiest of days.

The bucketgarden™ is coming along nicely. The tomato plants I'd had to break down and buy at the Blue Store have really shot up, and they all have flowers on them now. Hopefully I'll get some tomatoes off them soon. The carrots have also sprouted, and I have some sort of pepper plants growing, although I won't know what kind till they actually start producing the peppers themselves (I stupidly didn't mark any of them when I planted them). I gave up on growing herbs in small pots, and just planted them in the big ones--they're actually sprouting now, although the sage still looks weird.  I have planted flowers in the small pots and planted flower seeds in other places. Hopefully things will be pretty in a couple of weeks.

I go grab the little one the first Saturday in June. Dent's birthday is a few days after that, so maybe we can plan something special for that day.

I'm in the process of separating the everyday out, and have started a new blog. This one will continue to be my "mundane" (sigh) blog. The other will be for the stuff I've been posting, when the wind and mood takes me. 

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