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Thursday, April 10, 2014

#291: arts and crafty

So it occurred to me that if I was going to attempt to grow more herbs this year, I'd damn well better mark them somehow. I also had an overabundance of paint, and 7 acres worth of rocks to choose from. .............So I got crafty the other day and started doodling. The thyme seems to be doing OK, but I can't seem to get the sage to grow past the seedling stage before they wilt--I don't know if I have a severe case of "damping off" going on in the pot, or maybe they just don't like the pod things I have them growing in. The oregano hasn't sprouted yet, neither has the lavender... we'll see how that turns out.

I also broke out the glue gun and started working on the costume for a friend's wedding coming up. If you're familiar with steampunk, you'll no doubt recognize the hat. Rather than going with the gears and airship thing, I went with a natural look instead. Hopefully I will be able to get the thing to stay in my hair.

At any rate, spring has come on apace and I have put the houseplants outside for the season. It still gets a bit chilly at night but as long as it stays above freezing they should be all right. The roses I'd planted in pots have started growing again, which is good, I was afraid the colder and wetter than usual winter had killed them.

I've also been continuing my "not emo but dark" phase--I write stuff. It's usually random stuff that pops in my head (The other day I typed "You are what you bleed", for instance). Still not sure what direction I'm supposed to go with this, open to comments (although I'll still have to approve them--too many whack jobs out there trying to post, who're wackier than I am....) Maybe I'll use the shorter ones as post titles.

....................Sometimes you have to forget who you are. Only then will you remember how to feel.


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