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Monday, October 21, 2013

#288: Beargoyle

I saw the little bit of plastic first. I started pulling, thinking it was part of something. But it was stuck to whatever it was attached to. I pulled a little bit harder, and the whole thing came up. Huh? A small stuffed animal. I am guessing this was in its former life a Coca-Cola bear (the little plastic bit I saw first was part of the  "bottle" still attached to its paw). I felt kind of sorry for it, so I didn't throw it away. But obviously, I can't take it in the house (It is covered in lichen and moss!). So here it sits, at the end of the trailer, ready to warn and guard. I have since nicknamed it "Beargoyle". Maybe I will try cleaning it up a little bit later.

Needless to say, Dent thinks I'm crazy. But he hasn't moved it, either. ;)

For those of you keeping up, we're in the process of filling in a huge hole in our road. The sides are almost set, and once the concrete truck comes in to fill in the walls, we can finally finish up the hole. In the mean time, I've been scouring the property for stuff to "feed the maw", as I've started to call it.

The previous owners of the property (before the Landparents bought it), apparently got a KILLER deal on brick. All along the property line they are, half-buried, mostly bits and pieces but there were some whole ones, too. So I've been digging them up and piling them up near the road, ready to be hauled off. I took some of the whole ones and made a sunny place to sit in the winter. As you can see, I didn't care a whole lot about it being level.

My other project involves the shade house, and maybe turning it into a *rose* house. If I can get the roses to grow good in the pots, I won't need to hassle with the tarp next year.  But this will also mean covering the picnic table at least once a month, so that I can spray the roses to kill the japanese beetles and/or aphids.

This years' invasion has apparently already started--I am counting at least two stink bugs from where I sit, and have no doubt there are more in the house. Wouldn't be so bad if they came in and went to sleep like the ladybugs do--oh, no, these buzz the lights at night, VERY annoying.

The squirrels are making a mess of the yard. It seems a local farmer has waited a bit to mow down his corn and the local critters are going CRAZY.  Now if I were a squirrel, with a field of corn, I would take the whole cob and store it in a tree for later. But apparently squirrels aren't too terribly smart.... they would rather pull off the kernals and bury them in the yard.  So all over the yard I am finding these, and little corn plants sprouting all over the place. 

Do me a favor, little ones, and stick to acorns..... they'll still be there when you dig them up!


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