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Monday, October 14, 2013

#287: a long strange trip

Four interstates, three states, two time zones..... and 1700+ miles on my car later, and Dad is now with Mum. His memorial plaque wasn't done yet, much to the chargrin of my sister....but this was to be expected, so I didn't complain. A lot of the milage involved picking up the little one, too, so I don't begrudge the extra travelling, even if the stupid directions DID have me trying to go through Atlanta.

I also got to take a closer look at a piece of property pop owned. For the present sis and I are taking custody of it, and maybe split it later on. It's pretty overgrown now, so any activity for now would be limited to clearing a small space to go camping on. There is literally nothing there, but trees.

Today has been my "clean out the house" day. I've removed some out of date food (fortunately not a lot of this), and some other odds and ends I've been meaning to dispose of. Tomorrow will be my "do outdoors stuff" day. I've been digging up some old bits of bricks the previous owner had buried along the tree line, and when the time comes they'll go to maybe help fill in the hole in the road. Our neighbor has finished the new wall at either side, and is now waiting on bringing in a concrete truck to backfill the walls. Then it will be fill time--dirt, bricks, whatever we can find--and finally we can use that section of the road again.

I have also discovered that I have very small feet. Small enough to fit into children's XL sized.... So here we are, my feet. In Minion slippers, via Kmart.  Taking bets on how soon the little one steals them next time she visits. 

I've got a couple of projects going, but photos will have to wait. Apparently "low drain" batteries don't work too well in a "high drain" device such as a camera. So I will have to switch those out before I can take any more photos of things.  Live and learn I guess.

Catch ya laters!

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