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Sunday, August 4, 2013

#284: Paging Noah.....

So here I am, sitting up at the BK. It's 9:23 PM on a Sunday night, and I'm, shall we say, "recovering" from the past couple of weeks.  As some of you may remember, it's Summer. Meaning at some point the sprout comes to visit. Of course, it's already August, so you know this summer has been a bit different. So I'll back up a bit.

This year, I had the little one for not one, but two weeks. It seems her Papa and stepmum went to the great thing called Pennsic. Meaning that do to logistic constraints, well..... So the Megs was here for two weeks. Fortunately, my boss was very understanding in giving me those two weeks off.  The first week was pretty fun, I managed to snag discount carowinds tickets (credit unions are wonderful things!) and we went with a couple of other people and had lots of fun.

The day after.... however..... We were roused at 7:30 in the morning. It seems the creek and small river that converge behind our neighbor's house decided to get together and to a major rain dance.... There was new stream running through our neighbor's front yard, their dogs were paddling in their pen, and there was a frantic scramble to drain water away from the house and to grab equipment from harm's way.  We managed to get some of the chaos on video, and my man has uploaded a few videos here. Long story short, we had no bridge on our road (there were two of them) for a day or three--they were all totally washed away.  Leaving me to amuse a 13 year old (which isn't easy when you can't go anywhere).

Still, it wasn't a total wash (pun intended). I got some cool pics of the youngin', not to mention some excitement.....

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