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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

#283: Big Brother Is Watching You--DUH.

Oooo.... so we're being spied on! Every phone call, every email, every thing you say, the government is recording and keeping an eye on you!

This has been going on for years.  I am amazed that people are actually surprised at this. Where have you all been?

So Monday was Dent's birthday. In the interest in outdoing myself (and in honor of his recent excursion into the world of comic convention-going), I thought I'd make the man a Batman cake.

Of course, being a spur-of-the-moment thing, I had to settle for the movie car rather than the 1960's type that he liked better.... and the logo looks more like a butterfly or a stingray (Hey, never said I was an artist!) . Oh, and glaze doesn't make very good "tire tracks". Other than that, swell. It gave him a giggle, which was what I was after. Maybe I should send this picture to ;)

Work has taken a turn for the interesting. Saturday I am going to have to be there at 7 am.... to be trained on the breakfast menu... in the kitchen. I have done some observing these past couple of Sunday mornings, but I haven't been cooking much, mainly because there aren't enough people to train me usually.  Although breakfast, at least, doesn't look too complicated.  I'm sure I can handle it. Provided I can be awake enough to pay attention, that is. 

The date for the Meg's summer visit has been set. I pick her up July 24th.... Yaaay! Maybe since I have her for a little longer than normal, and she's older now, maybe we can go do something different.....
Stay tuned.

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