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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

279: The Sights of the Season

Ahhh yes. The sights of the season. My basil has sprouted and is on its way to being tasty leaves to cook with.  I also have a couple of the other pots sprouting.  What is amusing is that I haven't been able to grow tomato sprouts from seed very well, but I dug up something that was growing in the compost pile, that has baby tomatoes sprouting in it (I guess from an old rotten one I threw out last year?)

Today I sat on the back steps and watched the carpenter bees buzzing around the yard, apparently defending their territory as they'd attack other bees, butterflies, even wasps, that flew near them.
you don't seeeee meeeee!
The skinks were also out. I found this one camping out on a tarp I was moving.  They do like the sunshine.

Of course, everything outside has an ugly tint of yellow going on as the pine trees lose their pollen.  Hopefully this will end shortly.

My banks rose is about to "pop". There are already a few blooms open, but there are many more waiting to open up (The image up top was taken last year)
Ahhh yes. Spring. Critters are out, stuff is growing.... clovers are mutating.....

No, not four leaves. Or five. Try six. This was growing in between the cracks of the cement patio under the shade house. I haven't picked it yet; kinda scared to, to be honest. I've only seen one other one with six leaves.... I was 15 or 16 at the time, scared the crap out of me then, too...

Ahhhhh yes. Spring.
This weekend we're planning on taking a lil field trip...more on this later :)


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