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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

#278: allergy hell

So I am finally on my way to feeling somewhat close to this thing called normal. For the past two weeks, I have been going through the equivalent of what I assume is allergy hell--my head has been poured full of cement and I have been hacking up enough lungs for the entire Walking Dead TV show.  I get something like this every spring: there is the fun fun fun that is Bradford pear (which EVERYONE seems to want to plant around here), the lil annoying red things that show up as flowers at the end of the red maple branches (which MOTHER NATURE seems to want to plant around here), which all add up to something resembling bronchitis (which I ALSO get seemingly every year about this time). A good strong rain and it's all better--for now. The pears are apparently finishing up what I would laughingly call "blooming" (really, "Torture Hostile Fay" is what it really is, it's a conspiracy!!). Now, it's time for everything else--the forsythia, the pine (which doesn't bother me as much except there's just too. much. of. it.), the sweetgum, the tulip trees.... in short, everything else. but at least it FEELS like spring now.
Unfortunately, I am going to have to resprout pretty much everything I tried to plant in the bucketgarden. I put some things out Easter Sunday, and between the cold evenings and the dry days they haven't done real well. Too early and not enough supervision, I guess.
The past couple of days have been unreal. Found out a neighbor was hit and killed while riding his motorcycle Sunday. This puts me in the awkward position of baking goodies for folks I barely know (which I don't mind, but still awkward.). Fortunately, Landmom took me by there to drop off the goodies so I wasn't by myself.  Still. Awkward. I will be avoiding going anywhere tomorrow if at all possible, as our already stressed one lane drive will be crowded with nice folks coming and going from the neighbor's for the funeral.

The shade house is, for all practical purposes, done. I ended up taking the tarp off and turning it sideways, and zip-tying the hell out of it to the frame. Hopefully the wind won't blow it away.

Chillin' with the love lobster. We have lobster fun!
I got to fooling around with the timer on my camera. As you can see, I still like hanging out with the lobster.  I've added a few more of the house plants over the past couple of days, since it has been getting warmer and warmer at night. I hope to have the rest out there soon, maybe, now that I have a semi shaded place that the calla lillies can hang out and not get too much sun.

We now have a flag pole in front of the trailer. Dent got the BRIGHT IDEA™ of stringing the antenna for the wi-fi on top. All we need now is a pirate flag and our "pirate ship" image for the trailer will be complete. Either that, or we can teach the lobster how to pole dance. Yeeha!

Let me preface this next bit by stating, no, I do not watch the new My Little Pony. That said, I might have to start.  For this character, if nothing else.  Because nothing says "Hostile Fay" like this gal. Who is apparently Queen of the Changelings. If anyone wants to dress up like this, let me know.....


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