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Monday, April 29, 2013

#280: Moonshine and Swedish Meatballs

So here I am, eyeballing a shot glass of a suspicious clear liquid.... It came from a friend, whose dad makes moonshine. I was under the impression (correct, as it turns out) that less is more. So here I am, eyeballing the shot glass, rather than a big glass of the stuff. I knock it back.......

.....................only to realize that, perhaps, even the shot glass was a bit much, considering the only serious drinking we do involves wine coolers, and that only once every few months.

There was no taste, only a burn...and fairly soon, upon my attempts to stand, the room said, "What?" Not drunk, really...but certainly bordering the "tipsy" marker.

So I think, next time, it will be a smaller amount, and diluted down quite a bit in something else.

Sunday it was time to check out the Ikea store. I guess if you're following the downsizing of homes trend that seems to be in the news ("Look! My home is only 500 square feet!"), a lot of this stuff is certainly for you--half sized stuff, as well as little odds and ends that do double duty. But then they had full sized stuff, too...we managed to find some salt and pepper grinders (We'll see how long it is before Dent breaks these; he's as hard on grinders as I am with manual can openers) . Strangely enough, they had a cafeteria, which I wouldn't automatically think of when I think "big honking furnishings store".  You can apparently buy a plate of Swedish meatballs...I wasn't that brave, but I did find the chicken and fries tasted a lot like Long John Silver's.... Not bad, really. All an all an interesting trip, although I don't know if I'd care to actually go back, maybe having them ship it to your house would be a better way to go.

Dent got himself a new toy.... a small tablet-thing to replace the old laptop he was using. It's taken him a bit to get used to it, since it has a touch screen... but he's getting there.

A quick image to leave you all with..... Mr. Lobster decided he was a sexy lil


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