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Thursday, March 21, 2013

#277: liked it when it was underground

think I have found what my problem is, hobby-wise.
For those of you keeping up, I need a hobby. Oh, sure, I do the plant thing. I collect raccoons. But I'm not really "into" anything, culture-wise. I have friends who do Dr. Who, and ones who do Steampunk, There's the Transformers crowd (Hi, Weezil!)  and there's Star Wars, Star Trek, and so on. Lotta neat stuff out there. And I apparently don't find any of it interesting--or do I?
Because I will apparently hear about the Next Big Thing, think it's sorta interesting, and BAM someone I know will announce that he or she is into it, and has been for some time. And then I find it's not real new at all, but has been out, it was just not well known. Which brings me to the expression "I liked it when it was underground", meaning you liked it when few people knew about it. I tend to shy away from that which is popular (I have yet to see any of the Twilight movies, much less read the books, simply because so many people made such a deal about it)I suppose this falls under the "hipster" category, except I don't even want THAT label, as even THAT is a popular thing now.
I avoid popular culture like the plague, not only because it has never done much for me (I have never fit in; why try to now?), but because I have this unreasoning fear that the folks around me will think I am copying them. Not to mention the purists out there who insist you have to do it *their* way or it isn't right (Think "period police" in the SCA) Apparently folks don't know the joy of doing a hobby just cos it's fun.
There are also the things that I used to like, but due to the increasing popularity, I have this feeling that it's been corrupted somehow, if that is a good word. Anime is a good example of this. Anime to me always has been, and always will be, Japanese. Not Korean. Not Spanish. Or Chinese. Certainly not American. Yet watch most Saturday morning cartoons, they look anime-like. But watch the credits. Where was it produced? Not Japan. You're welcome to disagree with me here, but if it ain't from Japan, it ain't Anime, so quit making it look that way. Dr. Who is another example. Yes, you change doctors. I get it--really. But spending hours on social media sites arguing the relative merits of the 5th Doctor vs. the 11th one (I happen to think Mr. Tennant was cute...but...) kinda kills it for me. For god's sake, just enjoy the show and take it at face value....
My daughter apparently doesn't have this problem, she's decided (thanks to being exposed to all this by pop and stepmom) she likes Dr. Who, and Thor (yes, she's at THAT age), and Transformers (I'm so proud)
I guess the real problem here, is that the unpopular (or "Geeky", as one of my friends calls it) in my younger days is popular now, and I don't know what to make of it.
So what's a girl to do? I could continue with the whole fay/fairy thing (Haven't seen too many of those around here in my area). Or pirates (I liken the Technicolor Trailer to a ship,it has a prow, for god's sake).
Or maybe I can come up with the Next Big Thing, myself.... Stay tuned.

In other news, we decided the landparents needed a love lobster, too. There happened to be one left at the grocery store (it looked at me with those googly eyes, as if to say 'PLEASE take me home!') Here they are, mine is filling in the new guy over lunch.  we went down to their house for dinner Sunday night, and I got Landmom to show me around where she's planting stuff while Dent went to get the lobster. He sat it in her recliner.

Yeah, I know. We're weird like that. But everyone needs a love lobster.


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