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Saturday, March 2, 2013

#276: The Love Lobster


So the other night I came home from work and found this. Yes, it's a lobster. Dent found him up at the local grocery store, mixed in with the left over Valentines' things. I can only imagine him wheeling him around the store in the grocery cart. I apparently can't leave my man alone for one minute, he brings home critters like this one.

Originally it had a tag that read "Love Lobster", but I think somewhere along the line it got removed....that's ok, he's still the love lobster. Maybe when the weather improves we can take some pictures of him doing various things. I've already got him staring into my stewpot, like I need a bigger pot or something.

Today it was time to give the pampas grass a little haircut. At the moment, they don't look so good, we had to cut them way back as the middles had gotten all damp and rotten. Pretty soon they'll be growing again though. The one next to the house in particular was as tall as Dent's truck before we chopped it. We got it mostly finished, but had to stop because it actually started SLEETING and that crap actually kinda stings when it smacks you on the little bits of hail, they are.

Here's an image of what our front steps looked like when it stopped. When we left later on it was already melting (thank goodness.) Oh, how I'm waiting for warmer weather to get here. Cold used to not bother me, I guess I'm getting old. 


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