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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

#274: As the Burger Flips

Had the cell on me all day, half expecting a phone call from work. The past 24 hours or so have been nothing short of a Jerry Springer episode, work-wise. I won't go into huge detail; I'll just say I apparently didn't know some of my coworkers as well as I thought I did. I still, however, have the same attitude as before: I don't care who is seeing whom, or who is smoking what, I'm just there to do my job and get paid.

Or, as I used to say at my old job: "I know NOOTHEEENG!"

This afternoon was spent tinkering with an oversized tarp, nylon rope, and a ladder. This was the result. Not *quite* what I'd imagined, but there is still time for fine tuning. I swept the old leaves off, and cleaned the glass on the lanterns.  Obviously, I am going to need some ratchet tie-downs, as the nylon rope doesn't tie real well or stay tight. Hopefully it won't blow away in this evening's rainstorm before I can get some.
I also put together the last bits and pieces of my so-called "costume".  All in all, I'm fairly normal looking. Till you get to the ears, that is. They're felt, held on a headband that's covered in fake fur. They turned out pretty well, except I have to wear the headband on the back of my head, and a lot of it is hidden under my hair.  You can still kinda see my real ears a little, though. I guess I'll have to get some  hairspray to hold my hair in place.  The vest actually came from Goodwill.  Feel free to laugh.....Even I had to giggle when I saw how the look turned out.

I also sent in the preregistration yesterday, so if everything clears, my ID badge will read "Scratch the Hostile Fay".  Dent's will simply read "Shieldbrakkar", which is a SCA name he's often known by.  I guess I'd better hook the printer back up and see if I can get the preregistration form to print out.

This afternoon we had an unexpected visitor to the Technicolor Trailer. Some poor fool in a Penske truck came whooshing in, turned around (Barely missing the Landparent's shed, BTW), and just as quickly left. All I can say is they needed to A) get better directions and B) Slow the fuck down, cause we don't do that here at the Technicolor Trailer... It's a one lane dirt road. 

At the moment, I'm listening to the sound of the wind rising. The sun, who was nice enough to come out earlier, has gone to bed and the clouds have once again taken over. Tomorrow it's supposed to be raining again.  Oh well. At least I was off today when it was nice enough to briefly have a couple of windows open. Pretty soon I will have to turn the heat on once again. *sigh*

I'm also listening to Dent snore in the kid's room. I suppose I ought to go wake him up before it gets any later, and he has trouble sleeping later......

Almost forgot to mention my new project: we have these plastic jugs the cooking oil come in, got a coworker to save a few for me, I'm going to clean the oil out and store rainwater in them (look ma, no skeeters!) Hope to have pictures of this soon.

Stay tuned.


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