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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

#273: Scratch is Planning Things

I think it's time Scratch the Hostile Fay made a public appearance, don't you?

The main problem has been what sort of costume a hostile fay wears. The first thought that comes to mind, no doubt, has been wings. Unfortunately, most fairy wings look sorta goofy on me, and don't wear well on my little round shoulders (Not to mention having to go sideways through doors, as I found out wearing them to work on Halloween....). So, maybe no wings. Not all fay have them, anyhow.

Maybe we should combine with my other favorite thing--the raccoon. Perhaps a forest spirit, then....Old worn out gloves with the fingers removed make instant "paws", I can just then wear normal clothes....all I need are proper "ears" and some makeup, and I should be good to go. My only danger will be being mistaken for some sort of "furry", which I guess this sort of falls under but is not really the look I'm going after.

So tomorrow I hunt for some of the necessary componants.

We're getting pretty pumped up for our trip in a couple of weeks. I managed to sweet talk the printer into printing off the hotel reservation confirmation, as well as directions to the place. This isn't the first convention I have ever been to, altough the last one I was at was before I left the beach, and that's been, what, 15 years?

It is, however, the first I've attempted at dressing up at a convention. And really, the first time I've attempted something other than SCA stuff. In the immortal words of Molly Hatchet, I'm "flirting with disaster"..... Could be real evil and print out business cards that read "Scratch the Hostile Fay: The Only Sprite to Drink Mountain Dew".

Work has I'm finding more and more that the drama you watch on TV is fun. But the drama going on around you in real life: not so much. I'm fortunate that there hasn't been too much up where I work, but it does pop up occasionally. And so now, I'm back to working evenings. I have Saturday off, I'd better enjoy it while I can, I might not be getting any more for a long, long time....unless I request it....That lil "vacation" in a couple of weeks is gonna be mighty sweet.

And yes, I promise to take photos. And upload them.
In other news, I have started a new project. I have nicknamed it "operation shadehouse".

This thing originally sat next to the Landparents' shed, it had plastic on it. Dent parked the lawnmower and things under it, until it became apparent that the squirrels were knocking holes in the plastic with acorns and it was leaking. So the lawnmower is now sharing the car port with my car.

Last week, I removed the old holey plastic and moved the frame to the patio (I had to partially take it apart to do this), and here we are. Once it warms up a bit, I'm going to put new plastic on the "roof" to make a shade house. This should work better than the patio umbrellas we were using, and I can hang lanterns from the center roof beam at night.

Stay tuned!


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