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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

#272: more bandits than a crook convention

Getting pretty excited about our planned trip to Va. at the end of February. The room's reserved, the directions are saved, and hopefully the weather won't be shitty. But why do I get the feeling conventions are like tattoos to some people: you can't stop at just one.  Trying to come up with something EPIC here, but I might just keep it simple, since I haven't been to one of these things in a while (in fact, the last one I went to was an anime convention, oh, like 15 years ago?)

Some folks may remember that my birthday happened to be the 15th. Dent felt kind of bad because he kept forgetting what day it was on. I don't really make a huge deal out of this sort of thing, it's just another day. So it wasn't a big deal. I did happen to be off work that day, fortunately. The landparents came up Saturday with a big box of raccoon stuff.... I can honestly say I didn't have a collector's plate before. Or a resin raccoon holding a fishing pole.  Or a magnetic salt and pepper shaker set (raccoon and trash can)

This morning, I was lying in bed and pondering all the raccoon stuffies I had in various parts of the house and packed up. The last time I got them all together, they had covered up the couch and overflowed onto the floor. The bed is bigger, I thought, and so after making up our bed, I started pulling them out. I even brought in the special one that rides in my car. He's the cream colored one in the corner.  And yes, I know the one in front is a red panda. He's an "exchange student" from China. ;)

When Megs was down, she half jokingly told me we should make her room the "raccoon room".  Almost inclined to take her up on it--since she would rather sleep in the living room anyway (says it's 'too quiet' in her room at night).

I am forced to admit my first attempt at canning was a resounding.....failure.  When I pulled them out of the boiling water, I heard the seals 'pop', as they sealed themselves. Which is what they're supposed to do. But somewhere along the way, some of the seals "unpopped", and some of them leaked. And what leaked smelled really, really, bad. I have one jar that hasn't popped, and I am afraid to open it up. Landmom suggested I didn't leave enough "headspace", which is true for some of them, but some weren't all that full.

I guess I should stick to freezing and dehydrating stuff. 

And it is apparently that time again. Chicken sandwiches: buy one get one free. Which means all the IDIOTS in a 50 mile radius are going to come in and order 10 or more. and then get cranky because it takes them 20 minutes or longer to get their order. Well, YEAH. Because you ordered them DIFFERENT than how they NORMALLY come, we have to COOK yours.   I'm sorry, I don't like them THAT much. And they're horrible cold.

Please, order sensibly. Or at the least, call in the order, so you aren't sitting in drive through for 30 minutes. (I note the biggest offenders aren't smart or brave enough to actually *come in the store* and order. Fuck you.) I am going to have to deal with this shit for a WHOLE FRIGGIN MONTH.... well, almost, the last weekend I have requested off, and I'd better get it, gonna NEED a vacation, by then.....


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