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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

#271: New years, do you speak it?

You are, no doubt, wondering what has happened in the past couple of weeks or so. Answer: not a whole heck of a lot.
We had to put off getting the Megs until the week after Christmas. It seems she caught a bug and was very sick. Didn't matter; had Christmas.... So she was down for new years' instead. It was a blast--we drank hot chocolate and blew noisemakers at midnight. I had to take her home Sunday :/ But.... there's always the summer :) Here she is, on the trip home. I was showing her how my camera worked (at the same time as I'm driving, OF COURSE.)

Went back to work yesterday. Was fairly uneventful other than having to stay over a little bit (someone called in). On the trip home, I get a voicemail from the Landmom. It seems a neighbor gave them a CRAPLOAD of collards, and did I want any to can?  So less than an hour later, I have a GINORMOUS plastic bag of collards, two boxes of glass canning jars, and two different pots for the water bath (one bigger than the other).  This was my first attempt at canning anything...hopefully I won't poison myself eating the stuff. Here's the finished result.

.................Perhaps I should get myself a canning rack thing, and can stuff.....


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