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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#270: down to the wire

It's come down to the wire, ladies and germs. The impending "end of the world" is due day-after-tomorrow.  We'll see how many people go nuts Friday....

Our super-duper-uber sammich promotion has come and gone, and I'd like to personally thank each and every one of you who live around here, for not being totally retarded about it. All of you, that is, except the moron who ordered 12 at once. Who was obviously a cheap-ass planning a family dinner, he also ordered 12 large orders of fries to go with it.

At present, I'm sitting on the kid's bed. Got an unexpected evening off (A coworker needed to switch days), so I'm making the most of it. Got some cleaning done, including the kid's room. I go pick her up Saturday, providing the world doesn't end on Friday, that is.

Dent bought some of those wax things that you put in a warmer, and it gives off scents as it melts? So now the house smells like a mixture of cig smoke and what is supposed to be fraiser fir... along with air freshener and bathroom cleaner (Cleaned the kid's bathroom, too!)

I've also managed to get in those hotel reservations for MystiCon this evening. Hopefully, I can talk my boss into giving me that weekend off. Since it's in February, and there shouldn't be much going on then, I bet they can spare me. That leaves the question, to dress up, or no? jazz up some wings, and be a goth fairy, maybe. Help dent get his Steampunk thing going. More on this later.

Went out this afternoon to check on Basil, my "pet" spider.  Yes, I know, it's weird to name a wild thing, and a creepy crawlie one at that. But you gotta admire how long she's managed to survive. All of her little babies have gone elsewhere, and she still hangs out and catches bees that fly by. Hopefully the coming cold snap won't kill her.



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