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Thursday, December 6, 2012

#269: Just Bitchin', thank you.

I reactivated my looking-for-a-job thing with the NCESC. although they weren't much help last time. Still, it may give me some ideas. I also updated some things on There has to be something better than where I'm currently at. Last night it occurred to me that I *may* not be cut out for front counter, as some of what I was mumbling under my breath got overheard by the wrong crackhead person. So tonight I'm going to ask to be put in the least I get along with my coworkers....
The next 10 days promise to be a uberfuckin headache. our signature sandwiches go on sale, buy one, get one at a reduced price. Judging from the fiasco we had when the chicken sandwiches went on sale for $1, I will be very surprised if I don't get myself fired between now and then--if last night was any indication that something is indeed wrong with me, and my inner fuse is short, too short to be dealing with the residents of the county, who, by the way, 90% of them appear to be on meth when they come into the restaurant.

It's a shame; I really liked the job when I started. But then I realized all our customers are either over 85, religious fruitcakes, or drug addicts/pushers. Some idiot in drive through asked if I was Christian. I quickly closed the window to avoid the religibomb. I still like the job. Just not the people I have to serve.

It doesn't help that money is coming up missing from people's registers. Different people, at different times. So if we're on a register, we're to zealously guard it and not let anyone else use it. I find this baffling, as there are cameras pointed all over the place, so how can you be taking money out and someone not notice? Also, this sucks because if I'm up front, this makes it REALLY hard for me to do the OTHER stuff I'm supposed to be doing, like, oh, I don't know, WIPING TABLES? Because as soon as I *walk away* to pick up the rag, 13 people come through the door and I have to *drop everything* because no one else can ring them up. So yeah, by all means, PLEASE put me in the kitchen. Was told this would happen "When they hired more cashiers"...of course, no one seems to be making any effort to hire any more cashiers. I guess I will have to talk to the general manager. Or find something better. Heh, maybe I should call in and quit... they'd be hiring a new cashier then, wouldn't they??

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. "There are plenty of seasonal jobs out there..." key word is "seasonal". After New Years (or after Christmas, even) I'd be out of work (most of these involve working at the same time I'm at my current job, so I'd have to quit...). Other places have a bit of a probationary period, and I *need* a couple of days to pick up/drop off the kid. This leaves me looking after the kid goes home--and most places aren't hiring, then.

So now I'm looking.

Stay tuned...and be nice to your fast food workers....

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