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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#266: And The Technicolor Trailer™ Rises Again

Spent all day pretty much stringing lights outside. I went with a zig-zag pattern this time, with some strewn in the rose bushes for good measure.  Wasn't really happy with the design this time around, but there is only so much you can do with strings of lights, and only one building to put them on. Perhaps next year we'll decorate the pine trees lining the driveway instead.  Our tree is also up now; I did this yesterday.  I am hoping the Megs won't be too disappointed that I did it without her; she wasn't real interested in it last year, and I was ready to dig all the stuff out already.

Tomorrow I am closing the dining room. I hope with all the folks rushing around to get their stuff done, it will be slow enough at closing time that I will be done fairly quickly and can go home. We're closing down completely at 10 pm, including the drive thru. And we're closed Thanksgiving. This surprised me a bit; you don't often hear of a fast food place being closed on Thanksgiving. Nonetheless, this is a thing that our current owners have decided on, as well as being closed on Christmas day.  I'm thankful for this (lol).

It got too dark for me to take pictures of the Technicolor Trailer™ tonight, so it will have to wait. But I promise to have an image up soon, within the next couple of days.

I was sort of toodling around with the old copy of Photoshop I have on this thing. This was the result.  I sort of had to explain to Dent what this was supposed to be.

If you've ever been walking out in the woods, and catch glimpses of things out of the corner of your eye, it could possibly be something like this, a wee little fay perched on a mushroom.  What she's waiting on, I have no idea.

At the moment, Dent is on his laptop, watching car repair videos on Youtube. I simply can't understand how someone can just sit there and look at car stuff all night, but then, he probably wonders how I can read plant books all the time, so I guess it works out.

I'm also puzzling over several things. Like, how can someone die, and you *not* tell his only son, even if you aren't on the best of terms with him? Happened recently to a friend of mine. My heart breaks for him, as he found out, not from friends, not from family members, but simply because he thought to look up his dad's name on the *internet*.  He'd died more than two weeks previously, and no one mentioned it to him. He's taking it better than I would be; I'd be on the phone raising hell. I kind of know the feeling. Somewhere in the interium I have apparently lost several aunts and an uncle or two.

I'm also puzzling over an apology I got from someone for being mean in high school. Who, honestly wasn't that bad. Weird, yes, but not the worst I've had to deal with... That level of hell is reserved for someone I haven't tracked down yet.... maybe he's dead....or in jail. We can only hope. Our 20 year reunion is coming up next year. Do I bother? Probably not.

I'm also reading things posted by someone that, quite frankly, I am very confused about. Apparently life was horrible personified, even though I don't remember half the incidents being posted, and the other things, if you put it in perspective, are not, strictly speaking, the end of the world. Maybe I don't know this person as well as I thought I did.  You know who you are--and I mean no offense by it, just trying to get my own perspective straight here.

Guess I'm a bit--what's the word? Introspective? Usually by this time of year I'm all depressed because I haven't really got much accomplished.... I guess I remembered this time, that I hadn't set any resolutions to have broken, and all things considered, I did manage to get some things done. I got my diploma finally (although it doesn't feel like it's worth the paper it's printed on--I am still up at the BK making min wage). Come spring I will try again.

Here's hoping you folks out in badhairland have a good turkey day--or at least try to.


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