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Monday, November 12, 2012

#265: end of an era, with pepperoni.

It's a bit sad, that whenever we find a good place to eat, and start to think of it as "our" place, they shut down. I mean, it SUCKS that the ONE place in Hicksville that had real Chicago-style pizza has decided to close up shop and head to greener pastures.  Oh, it's not a permanent thing; they're looking at a couple other places to re-open. But they're a bit further to drive to, and at the rate I get weekends off, I'll never get there. Not to mention the places they're looking at I'm even less crazy about driving through than Hicksville. 

So this weekend is it for them.

We went last Friday for pizza with some friends. I got a pic of  Dent with the owners, neither of which really like having their photos taken any more than I do (note how the one in front, the younger one, looks a bit like Harpo Marx. lol)

I have managed to score Sunday off. I requested it off a few weeks ago, in case I didn't get to the Renfaire before then. I feel kinda bad now, though, cause the boss is sick, and his wife is, too (both hospital visits!) I hope things resolve soon. The boss is a good guy, rare to find one like him in the fast food biz.

So I have pulled out ALLLLL the Christmas lights and tested to make sure they're all working.  Tomorrow will be kinda wet to be stringing them up, but I am also off work Thursday, maybe I can start placing them then.

Ren Fair was fun this year, will have pics for that shortly. We bumped into a couple of people Dent met at a comic convention in Charlotte back in June. They seemed like a nice bunch. Of course, I *would* be stuffing my face while they were I bet that gave them something to remember. Of course, now I have to think of something *else* to do Sunday.....


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