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Saturday, November 3, 2012

#264: Halloweenies

Well, this Halloween has come and gone.... I tried staying true to form and showed up as (what else?) a fairy. It worked out ok, except for having to go sideways through doorways, and getting the wings caught on the drive through window when I leaned out to get money from folks. But it worked, kinda. I think next year, though, if I'm working, I'll keep it simple and go as a pirate or something. Surprisingly, there weren't any people pushing religious'd think on THAT night they'd be out in groves, trying to dissuade kiddies from "That Pagan Holiday" (lol). Maybe they were out before I got there; maybe they were scared of the dark. I don't know.

On the flip side, though, was that some of my coworkers stopped by the store and among them was one who was wanting more hours and--guess what?--She's working for me tomorrow. This means (provided Dent can get my ass out of bed) renfair time! Yaaay!

Thursday, I took down the Halloween stuff. I deflated Mr. spider and put away the lights. Kinda resisting the urge to dig through the Christmas box, although I did pull it out and have it sitting on the Meg's bed. Along with the reels of lights that we need to unroll and test to make sure they're working. I also carried on with the tradition of making at least a couple new things to hang on the tree. This year, I took a couple of cat toys and some stuff bought from the craft store.

These turned out OK, I guess. We'll see what they look like once they're hanging on the tree.  I also have a couple of little clip on birds (the non angry to nest on the branches.

Yesterday I reached a milestone in my car--literally. I've been carrying around my camera for the last few days,  because it was getting close, and yesterday morning, I finally got it, heading into work. I managed to freak out some of my coworkers with this one.  Would have been more appropriate Wednesday, but still, not bad.

Of course, nothing bad happened yesterday. Was just a milestone, is all. Considering it had 14K on it when I bought it (it was a fleet vehicle), I think I've done pretty good with it.  Be putting on a few more miles tomorrow.


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