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Monday, October 29, 2012

#263: cinnamon

I'm setting back, watching all the storm coverage on TV, and thanking all that is goodness I don't live near the beach any more.  It is bad enough we're still feeling a stiff breeze all the way here in hicksville.  you can still hear the wind whistling through the trees here.

So what makes me feel better? baking goodies. Tonight has been a "cinnamon" kind of evening. I have apple cinnamon bread cooling, as well as a batch of "snickerdoodle" cookies (which are nothing more than sugar cookies, with the dough rolled in cinnamon sugar before you bake it)

Tomorrow promises to be even better, with the highs only being in the upper 40s or so. Needless to say, I probably won't be going far, if at all. Not only will it be too cold to do much outdoors, tomorrow will probably be my only day off. There was some last minute schedule rearranging going on, and I got suckered into taking someone else's shift on the OTHER day I had off. But I gots a plan. Another coworker may be taking my Sunday spot.... but if not, I'll make sure I work and work so that I will be close to the 40 hour limit.... then they will have to give me a day off somewhere... bwhahhahhah.


At any rate, OF COURSE I am working Wednesday evening.  Coworkers keep asking what I'm dressing up as. What, you think I'm gonna bother? Sure. I'll dress up as a disgruntled employee.


I'm sure I'll think of something.

Stay tuned.

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