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Thursday, October 18, 2012

#261: heartburn

So one of these days, I'm going to be in Walmart or Kmart or wherever, and I'm going to see some redneck walking around, all dressed in cami like he's out hunting or whatever, and I'm gonna walk right into him, so that I can say, "Oops. Sorry. Didn't see you there...."
It's hamburger helper for rednecks!!
While we're on the subject of rednecks, that Larry the Cable Guy isn't quite as dumb as he looks. There probably isn't a TV station out there that hasn't run his commercials for a certain over-the-counter heartburn medication. I used to wonder what a guy known for eating roadkill was doing shilling medication... But now I know. Because apparently he's also pushing this stuff. Which I presume you want to take the heartburn meds before you eat it.
He's got a whole line going here. Dent bought this stuff the other day at Wallyworld--I joked that it was nothing more than Hamburger Helper for rednecks, but upon looking closer at the box, I realized just how true this really was. Truth be told, I'm kinda scared to eat it.
Still hoping to get to the Renaissance Faire sometime this year. Wasn't able to go opening weekend, or the next weekend, due to a lack of money... This weekend is a no-go, because the folks up the street from where I work insist on having ANOTHER friggin "7 mile yard sale", and OF COURSE EVERY SINGLE PERSON *HAS* TO BE SCHEDULED TO WORK SATURDAY, and of course, they can't be bothered to schedule me off Sunday. Saturday, I get to be there at SEVEN O'CLOCK IN THE FRIGGIN MORNING.  I told Dent, "Next weekend day I am off, we're *going* whether it's on a week you get paid, or not." Knowing my luck, I will be working from now until New Years'.  The kicker is that I'm not getting very many hours, and of course they insist on whatever hours to schedule me be in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY so I can't get ANYTHING done. All I can say is, I'm going to be taking a day to pick up the kid for Christmas, and a day to take her home. I am going to give the boss a fair warning, and if they schedule me anyway, TOO FRIGGIN BAD.
Today was spent wandering around the local craft store. Some of the Halloween stuff was 40% and 50% off (I wondered, did I miss Halloween already??),in order to make room for the Christmas stuff. So I got a little bit of this and that. A had sorta an idea for the old dresser mirror sitting outside, but I think it will be too big for where I want to put it. I did manage to find a Christmas ornament with a raccoon on it (kinda rare).
Here lately, we've had an overabundance of critters trying to get into the house. No, I'm not talking mice, although I do think one has decided to sniff around under the kitchen sink (here mousey mousey, check out the little green pellets I have left out for you...)No, I'm talking about stink bugs. Yes, I said stink bugs. Although I'm not sure why they're called that; I have yet to smell one. nonetheless, I had to shoo 6 out within five minutes of opening the back door. They're experts on getting underneath the screen mesh thing we have hanging over the door. This afternoon, Dent went to get the trash out of the outside trash can to take it to the dump and there were 20 more in the trash can. I have never seen this many. I guess stink bugs are better than roaches.  Perhaps if I fix them a heapin' helping of  Larry's hamburger meal, they'll leave.


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