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Sunday, September 30, 2012

#258: Have it your friggin' way....somewhere else....


If an employee has clocked out and is on the other side of the counter ordering food, this makes her a customer, same as you. Do not get p'd off that you had to "wait in line while I ring up someone who works here". I'm not going to skip over her simply because you aren't wearing a uniform.... She was in line before you, get over it.

Also, you were *standing not five feet away* when we were having the discussion about not being able to make hamburgers because the broiler is offline, you needen't act like your world is ending when NOT FIVE MINUTES LATER I have to tell you I can't cook a Whopper for you BECAUSE THE BROILER IS OFFLINE.

I do not get paid enough to listen to your tirades about how you came all this way for food and can't get it, there is a Micky D's across the street, lots of people have gone this route today or have ordered something else. 

Can you not act like an adult and do the same?

Sincerely, the BK employee you SEVERELY pissed off this afternoon.

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