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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

#257: Cookery Buggery.

Life at Burgerworld is apparently a series of ups and downs. Anyone who works at one of these places could probably tell you that the hours come and go, and depend a lot on sales. Our sales have been apparently down, so a lot of my hours went. Unless someone calls in sick, I'm pretty much "off" until Sunday. The money part sucks, but at least the weather was nice today.

Invasion of the BundtSnatchers......
This morning, I decided to do some domestic-kind of stuff. I re-organized the pantry, which was long overdue.... And after reading about Kristine's success in baking, decided to take another whack at making an angel food cake. My last attempt didn't fare too terribly well. Oh, it came out of the pan readily enough, but it was chewy and tasted like a giant marshmallow. Tasty, but not what an angel food cake is supposed to taste like. Perhaps I mixed it too long?? Anyhow, I decided to read the directions a little closer this time.  It didn't quite go as expected. Here it is, "crawling" out of the bundt pan....and it still had 10 minutes left to bake on it......

I ended up having to trim the bottom of the cake in order to get to the pan, so that I could get it *out* of the pan. I tried melting some canned lemon cake frosting, as a sort of glaze (to...uhm...hide the...uh.. GOUGE marks from the knife where I tried to get it out of the pan....)

Dent and I tried some when Dent got home from work...not bad.... but it still tastes like marshmallows...lemony marshmallows, to be sure, but still marshmallows. Think I'll stick to chocolate cakes from now on.

I also went to trim the basil. This made Ms. Spider very nervous... She took her egg sac and hid under a leaf with it.... I left that stem uncut... So now my basil plant looks like it has a cowlick... I decided this time to try drying the basil again.

Basil, anyone??
Here it is, hanging on the clothes line.  I guess I should go out and bring it inside.... I also took some of the leaves and chopped them up, and froze them in ice cubes. Supposedly they taste better in sauces.


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