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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

#256: Ding! Sinuses are done!

So here it is, Sunday afternoon, and a complete stranger in the drive thru is offering to run across the street and buy me a BC powder. I am much moved, but I decline, cause I know it won't help--I've already taken a couple of pain things, and they have done nothing. My head feels like it's three times too small for my brain, my back teeth and right eye feel like they're about to pop out of my head, and I can actually hear the pressure shifting behind my nose.

I was competely miserable, as you might expect. So miserable, I got sent home around 5, when I was actually supposed to close the dining room... They managed to get someone to come in to take my place, for which I was completely grateful....

So monday morning it was time to find a doctor who could tell me what the hell was wrong with me. My ears apparently "looked ok", even though at times I wanted to poke my eardrums out... so we're going with a severe inner-sinus infection. I got some good drugs. I went home. And I took a nap.

I'm now back to semi-normal (well, normal for me, anyhow). My sinuses are still draining a bit, but the pressue is much reduced now, so I think I'll be able to function at work now. As proof of my returning normalcy (or returning insanity, whichever you prefer), Dent took this picture today, of several things you don't see much:

A) I'm actually EATING.

B) I'm almost smiling. Almost.

C) I actually let Dent buy me something we spotted at the grocery store. Cause the goofiness isn't the same without the raccoon hat.

Well, the DNC has come and gone. I'm so glad. I got kinda tired of hearing about nothing but....

Today it was time to dig out the halloween stuff. I don't have much in the way of halloween decorations. Obviously, this needs to be changed. I had just enough lights to decorate the camilla bush, and a couple of foam tombstones. Maybe this weekend we can go find more lights to decorate the roses.

It's also time to start planning for the Renaissance Festival. It starts next month. To dress up, or not to dress up? And when to go? We need to decide this, so I can request the day(s) off at work.



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