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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

#255: Great Expectations

When I was a little girl, there were certain things expected of me. I made my bed every day. I ate what was put in front of me (liver isn't bad with gravy, but I wouldn't eat it by choice). I took care of my things, and things belonging to other people.

Once you get older, things change a bit. Oh, I still take care of other people's stuff. But being an adult means you can pretty much do what you want, right?

.........................So why does it feel weird when you fall asleep on the couch, and not bother to get up to go to bed? You don't have to be anywhere the next day; it isn't like you were expecting company, or anything.

.........................And dinnertime. You're done growing. So who says dinner can't be a bowl of cereal and a cinnamon roll now and then? Still, it feels odd not to be having that "square" meal, even though you aren't really hungry, and docs recommend you eat light at dinner, anyhow.

....And what you'd call a weekend? Who says those two days off have to be Saturday and Sunday? A lot of stuff you need to get done (doctor's office, DMV, etc) isn't open on those days. Why can't your "weekend" be Tuesday and Wednesday? (Or Monday and Tuesday?)? Yet I get pissed off if I have to work Saturday and Sunday (This weekend I do have to work Sunday--and it annoys me, not least because I have to deal with the after-evening-church crowd, who apparently can't find anything better to do after 9 pm than go eat a friggin hamburger and leave religious pamphlets on the tables....)

Perhaps it's a very minor form of OCD. Sort of like how Dent checks the front and back doors before bed, even though he saw me lock the back door, and we rarely have the front door open to begin with. Or perhaps it's some sort of mental mark parents leave--that "shouldism". As in, you should sleep in bed, not the couch. Or you should eat three square meals a day.

Anyone else have this problem?

At present, I feel like crap. I have several things going on; firstly, I have that monthly Joy going on (I see you ladies nodding, and you fellas covering your ears and saying, "LALALALALA!" lol). I also apparently have a tooth that the filling has come out of, along with half the tooth, so I have a nice exposed nerve that twinges at the stupidest moments, and so have been living off the generic form of Execdrin these past couple of days (Asprin GOOD lol). Also, a customer came in yesterday and said his stomach "didn't feel right". Really? So you had to go out in public and spread the love, buddy? Gee, thanks. The gift that keeps on giving. So now I feel like crap, but not bad enough to call in this evening (fortunately, it's only for 5 hours tonight, not 8). I haven't been too sure of my stomach, so I've been eating saltine crackers and drinking lots of water all day... So far, so good.

Fall is coming on, and so with the arrival of labor day, I decided it was time to remove some of the veggies that were no longer producing, which is 90% of them. The hornworms kinda got away from me this year, and so I didn't have any bell or banana peppers, and only a few jalapeno ones.... You wouldn't think they'd like the hot peppers... But nonetheless, only a few remained. In contrast, the bush with the itty bitty hot peppers was almost untouched. Maybe I should plant more of those next year.
I found this fellow in my carrots last week. I don't mind these; the carrots still grow, and they make pretty butterflies. So I left him alone. He was gone today-I hope he found a nice safe place to make a cocoon. So today I took up the carrots. They were assorted sizes, have to take a pic of those for you all.

Dent inherited a new lawnmower. Our landparents got a new one, so we're buying their old one. It's one of those big "zero turn" things.


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