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Saturday, August 25, 2012

#254: Had I only known

It would have been helpful in high school, for instance, to know you liked me, but were too shy to tell me so.

It would have been helpful to have been told, at age 12, that everything would turn out OK in the end....

Perhaps it would have made life easier had I known where to look for people, and places, and things.

And not found out the hard way how NOT to do something.

How I would have laughed had you suggested to me at age 10 that I would one day have a child of my own, who is funny and smart, all those things I never was at that age. ....

To have known who was really a friend, and who was 'gunning' for me...who was an admirer, and who smiled to my face, and smirked behind my back......

Will I wake tomorrow and learn something I wish I had already known?

Sometimes it is better to forget.

So the other day I was told by an assistant manager I had an "attitude problem". Really? So you're going to go on the word of several ill behaved folks in the drive thru, whom you have never seen before, even though you've worked with me since February, so you know how I act. Yes, I get bitchy. You know why. Deal with it. I did apologize to them, after all. Not much else you can do, really.

All part of the job, I suppose. Still looking for something better.

So the other day, I received some final correspondence from Ma Bell. I was expecting a bill.... What I got was a refund. for $8.29. Apparently they charge the federal taxes in advance, so they decided to return it to me. I feel special now, don't you?

At the moment, we have some windows open, letting the nice cool breeze in. Hoping it stays cool, or at least turns fall-like soon.



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