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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#253: Where was I?

It's after 11 PM here at the Technicolor Trailer. Dent is snoozing in the living room, passed out in an overstuffed chair that, despite his efforts to persuede me to get rid of, has remained in my possession since I first moved back to Hicksville. It's worked out pretty well, despite the hole in the arm farbic (I've taken to the redneckian habit of covering my furniture with sheets or blankets, anyway). I should probably wake him up to put him to bed (as contradictory as that sounds).

At the moment, I'm staring across the room at an old computer printout thing Dent's brother managed to snag from the old house. It was printed off way back when by Dent's mom, on what would be the precursor to those goofy mall kiosk things, you know the ones, that makes "photos". I can't help but stare at it and wonder, what was I doing that day? Where was I? Probably still down by the beach. (Dent's mum died back in 1993)

Ask where folks were, say, when Kennedy was shot. Or the day the Challenger blew up. Most folks can tell you right off the bat, where they were (I was home from school, as it was a teacher workday the day the Challenger blew up... I was watching it on TV....) But show me a personal event in someone else's life. A Photo. An old program from a wedding. Baby booties. And I wonder, "where was I that day?" Perhaps I didn't know you then, and nothing special happened to me on that day....

For all I know, as I write, something momentous could be happening in your life right this second, and I won't know it until later. And so when I ask, "where was I?" You can reply, "You were staring at an old printout across the room"......

Maybe one day I'll remember to measure it for a frame, to hang it up.

As of this writing, I have officially told Ma Bell to kiss my ass.This was because of their inability to correct the nethernoise™, not to mention being tired of being told it is MY fault because I'm using a cordless phone (newsflash: the noise is there on corded phones, too, and is there regardless of where in the house they're plugged in, and whether I have the cordless ones plugged in or not--it's moisture in the line outside causing the noise--I only hear it when it's been raining really hard out). Screw them. We might not have the best cell reception in the world, but at least I'm not paying more than $80/month for something I can't use whenever it rains. This last episode lasted more than three weeks, and I have been fighting this problem ever since I moved into the technicolor trailer--which is going on three years now.

Dent is currently trying out one of those "hotspot" things that makes internet.It actually somewhat works here. A $15 broadband card won't get you much, but what you get is a helluva lot faster than the dial up was. And we can go to the school or the library for the big data intensive stuff.

So if my posts have been a little inconsistant as of late, you'll know why.

The big bosses at burgerland have apparently been telling the little guys to clean house. We lost 5 cooks last week.... Sources are tight lipped, so I'm going to guess work visas were expired, as all the people who left were, shall we say, not from 'round here, are ya buddy? This happened when the regional manager stopped by and went through everyone's paperwork with a fine toothed comb. It sucks; they were all good folks, and a couple of them had been there for a long, long time.

I apparently have more of a green thumb than I was giving myself credit for. A week ago, I did some trimming of the basil I had planted in a pot. Since I hate to waste *anything*, I stuck the trimmings in water, planning to dry them out later (dried basil is good in scrambled eggs, BTW). This morning I looked, and some of the cuttings had actually sprouted little roots. So I planted them in a recycled cooking pot. We'll see if they actually grow.

My tomatoes haven't come on real well this summer; despite the seed package stating "beefsteak", they're not all that large. My peppers, however, have come on real well, especially the hot ones. I'm debating on taking the smaller ones and putting them in a jar with olive oil and some cloves of garlic. Wouldn't that be good to cook with? ;)

At any rate, thanks to all you folks who check in from time to time. I promise I'm still here. Somewhere.



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  1. Oooh, hot peppers + garlic + oil = hellfire in a bottle. That sounds tongue searingly good! :D~

    Why am I not surprised that Ma Bell still can't get her crap straight? I can remember that sort of crap happeining back home in the freaking 90s; more than one call was ended because the line disconnected thanks to an abundance of water in it. And don't get me started on the noise either. Funny how it only happened whenever it rained. =/

    Yeah, I don't miss the phone company. At. All. Sure, I'm paying out the skidplate for the evil Time Warner Cable's version of phone service but it works!

    I'm surprised that little "housecleaning" didn't make it on the local news. Heaven knows when my company did something like that, it was in all the papers....


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