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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

252:just passing through

It's amusing that, when the internet is up and running, pretty much nothing happens. When it's down, all hell breaks loose. I'm back up at the library at CVCC, because Ma Bell can't be bothered to come look at the phone line until next friggin' Monday. Oh well, just means I can use the Wi-Fi here to save some more tunes.... Managed to snag an MP3 of the original "Alice's Restaurant". With four part harmony and stuff like that.

It must be time for school again; I have seen at least three tour groups file through, all wide-eyed and ready to go. They've got back-to-school stuff out at the big box store, too....

So what have I been up to this week?

We discussed, Dent and I, the possibility of him getting another truck. Since he found another home for the old blue one he had, and we've discovered his Green Machine (IE his old Subaru) really needs more care than he can give it right now, we started looking. Of course, with Dent you know there is no such thing as "just looking", more on this later when I get a picture of the thing he came home with. It's a 2003 GMC Sonoma, black. 

Uhmm...what else? Oh yeah, the "Visit" apparently went well, the new bosses liked what they saw apparently.... at least the store is still open.....

More later, either when the phone is fixed, or when I hit the library again....


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