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Thursday, July 19, 2012

251: FISH: First In, Still Here.

No, I didn't fall off the face of the Earth; just had some stuff going on these past couple of weeks that needed attending, and some issues that haven't been worked out yet.

Last week was Meg's summer visit. And as you probably figured out by now, since I don't get to see the Meg very often, the laptop gets put away for the duration of her visit. Not that it would have mattered. Because it rained nearly the whole week, and the nethernoise™ is back, so no phone. And when we have no phone, we have no internet. Which is where I've been this week, the noise is still there. As of this writing I'm up at the college library (Wi-fi is a wonderful thing). Thought I'd post a pic of the megs--she's 12 now. She thought she'd try on my hat for size. Burger-gurl in training?? Maybe.

Back at work Monday was an interesting experience. There were a couple of new people wandering behind the counter.... One of which works at the Micky D's across the street. I can certainly understand having to have two jobs, but it's frustrating to have so many who do, because then you have to work around THEIR schedule.... And once again, I am stuck on closing the dining room every night and all weekend. I suppose I should be grateful the dining room closes at 10. The drive thru closes at midnight. I am also grateful I didn't have to work the past couple of days; the "new" owners were supposed to visit yesterday... The assistant manager was FREAKING Tuesday evening, cleaning like mad. Not that there was a whole lot to clean any more than normal; we keep the place pretty clean anyway.

Stay tuned

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  1. I work two jobs. It sucks. Trying to balance my schedule with my wife's (who also works two jobs) and the kids stuff also sucks.

    We also clean a ton when any of the higher-ups are coming to visit the store or cafe (part time job). So, I understand that part. Everyone wants to look their best and to keep negative criticism to a minimal...


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