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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

250: "It's amazing what a few inches will do...."

"Truexxx: It's amazing what a few inches will do..."
So yesterday it was time to go in hunt for some new tee shirts. Here's Shield modelling one I found. It was a bit tight on him and he kept saying things like "I'm going to need help getting this off."
The Cashier at Goodwill couldn't figure out why I was giggling.
Truexxx is, of course, a condom this got past and got put on the rack I'll never know.
This past week has been tiring. One of my coworkers has been in the hospital, and so when I help close up shop, we're short handed. I also got called in to close FOR him, this evening. On my day off. Well, okay...but you'll have to hold down the fort til 6, I have things to do until then.  Mainly, take Dent to get his car.... It has been making noises somewhere between a squeak and a rattle.... turns out a timing belt pulley's bearing was all cracked and messed up.... So it's been at the car doc's the past 3-4 days. Hopefully it will be done this afternoon, and that it won't cost a lot to get it back.

At any rate, it's nice to be wanted at work. However, it's a bit frustrating to have all these people who transfer in from other stores because they "weren't getting enough hours at the old store", yet heaven forbid they work on a weekend, or help out when someone is sick. Oh well. More money for me.....


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  1. We have that quite a bit at my store: people transfer to get more hours, but flake the second they have to work a holiday or weekend and never get in trouble. Yet we have others who show the hell up when sick and nearly drop dead on the sales floor but they get hauled into the office by management when they call in more than twice. It's maddening and it seems that the truly loyal employees get no recognition or reward. But if you're a total flake hey, you'll get far! *bangs head against the wall*


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